The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1849

Chapter 1849

The room was sealed off with an iron door

“Xandra Lafleur?”

When he heard the name, James’ eyes began to waver.

Three years ago, he met with his father, Nicholas, and learned some things about his mother.

His father had mentioned his mother’s name was Xandra Lafleur.

At that moment, his heart began beating rapidly.

Tyrus looked at Xandra who was in the room. He sighed softly and said, “She’s my youngest sister and was originally a very talented woman. Her talent for martial arts was terrifying. It did not matter what kind of martial technique it was, she was able to learn everything easily. When she was eighteen years old, she mastered all the martial art techniques in the world and stepped into the eighth rank at such a young age.” Tyrus spoke softly as he talked about Xandra.

“Thousands of years ago, my father led people to slaughter the Spirit Turtle but they failed. My father. planned to regroup and attempt to kill the Spirit Turtle once more. Incidentally, he learned about King Quavon’s Mausoleum by chance. He managed to enter the museum and obtained the phoenix’s blood there.”

“Father and I were fine after consuming the phoenix blood. My sister, on the other hand, encountered at problem after she consumed it. She was left in a semi-deranged state. For thousands of years, she remained in this state of insanity. Being in such a state for a prolonged period of time caused her to suffer from brain damage. There were only a few years where she was able to regain her sanity.”

“Thirty years ago, my sister broke out of her cell and fled.”

Hearing this, James drew a sharp breath.

He stared at the woman locked up inside the cell.

The woman had a gentle and refined appearance. She was as beautiful as she was in the pictures he had seen of her

In that moment, he was sure the woman before him was his mother

That woman was his biological mother.

His eyes turned red, and tears began to brim in his eyes, threatening to stream down his face.

Tyrus continued. “After my sister fled, the phoenix blood in her caused her to experience an Energy Deviation. She forcefully suppressed it but ended up injured. Back then, she happened to be rescued by your father, Nicholas. One year later, you were born.

“After I found her, I secretly brought her back here.”


James looked at the woman inside the cell. She was beautiful, but her eyes were lifeless, like a zombie. He could not stop himself from calling out to her.

He looked at Tyrus again.

He never expected Tyrus to be his uncle.

What was even more unexpected was the fact that the Prince of Orchid Mountain was his grandfather.

He finally understood why Tyrus had been secretly helping him.

It was because Tyrus was related to him.

“My mother…H-How is she now?”

James approached the cell and looked at the woman inside.

Tyrus replied, “Her condition is pretty bad. The phoenix’s blood greatly affected her, causing her to lose her mind. My father had no choice but to seal off her True Energy. Otherwise, this small cell wouldn’t be sufficient to contain her.”

“Can I go inside to see her?”

James felt a warmth surge in his heart seeing his mother

He had dreamed of meeting his mother for 30 years.

Now, he finally got to meet her

Tyrus opened the cell.

James walked inside.

As soon as James entered the room, Xandra stood up abruptly and charged like a wild beast.

Tyrus intercepted her in a flash and sealed her acupoints, calming her down once more

He helped her return to her seat.

James stood before Xandra and his face held a complicated expression as he looked at her. He immediately took her pale hand and checked her pulse.

Tyrus gently shook his head and said, “It’s useless. If there was a way to fix her, father would’ve already done it.”

After checking Xandra’s pulse, James also came to the same conclusion-her brain was severely damaged. There was still a slight chance of helping her, but it would be rather troublesome


With a loud thump, he fell to the ground and wept

Xandra’s acupoints were sealed, so she could only sit mindlessly. Her unfocused eyes seemed to focus a little as if she heard someone calling out for her

Tyrus unsealed Xandra’s acupoints.

Xandra looked at James, who was kneeling on the ground, with confusion. She had no idea who he was or why he was kneeling on the floor.


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