The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1850

Chapter 1850

“W-Who are you?” Xandra looked at him in bewilderment.

Tyrus helped James up from the ground and said, “It’s useless. She doesn’t remember anything. She may look relatively calm now, but it’ll be dangerous once she loses her sanity again. Let’s head outside first.”

He helped James out of the cell.

After heading to a room in the underground palace, James’ brows furrowed together.

He had checked Xandra’s pulse, and she was in a dire predicament. Her experience had greatly traumatized her brain and the nerves within. It would be extremely hard to treat.

Thea remained silent throughout the whole reunion, quietly staying by James’ side.

After thinking for a while, James turned to Tyrus, who was standing beside him. He never expected Tyrus to be his uncle

“You’re my uncle?”

Tyrus smiled and said, “I didn’t want to tell you these things so soon, but since you’ve already entered the ninth rank, I felt you at least deserved to know as much. I did not bring you here so you could cure her. I know you’re capable of doing so, but I have something else to tell you”

James asked, “What is it?”

Tyrus said, “It’s a secret my father acquired from King Quavon’s Mausoleum in the past.”

Hearing this, James’ heart skipped a beat.

Tyrus continued. “A thousand years ago, my father entered King Quavon’s Mausoleum. He found out the truth that King Quavon never actually died, but he left for a mysterious place instead.”

The Sealed Realm?” James asked tentatively.

“Oh? You seem to be familiar with it already” Tyrus was startled

The Sealed Realm was a secret only he and his father knew about. No one else in this world knew about it, so how was it that James had knowledge about it?

Tyrus looked at James with shock and suspicion.

James replied with a smile, “I very recently learned of it. The Omniscient Deity was the one who told me.”

“1 see.. So the Omniscient Deity also knows about it. I never expected him to hide it so well,” Tyrus said, still baffled by the revelation.

James asked, “Uncle, how much do you know about the Sealed Realm?”

Tyrus said, “I don’t know much about it. I only know the seal is located on Mount Bane. More than two thousand years ago, King Quavon gathered four keys and opened up the seal to the Sealed Realm. Before he left Earth, King Quavon left the seals on earth, built a mausoleum, and left records about the Sealed Realm within it.

“As far as I know, our earth was originally an enormous planet but was sealed off for some reason.

“King Quavon had left behind a message. At a certain time, the seal can be opened after the four keys are gathered. When that happens, the earth’s Empyrean Spiritual Energy will be unleashed.”

James asked, “Since King Quavon released the seal, shouldn’t it already be open?”

Tyrus said, “No. King Quavon only made an entrance. It’s not the real opening. He said the real opening can only be activated at a certain time. Other than that specified time, it will not open. King Quavon left a prophecy, saying it would open about ten years from now.”

“Ten years?” James’ jaw dropped in shock.

Tyrus nodded. “Yeah, ten years in the future King Quavon also said a series of changes will happen to our earth when the time for the seal to open draws close. Now that changes have started appearing, it means King Quavon’s prophecy was accurate.”

James asked, “So, do you know about the four keys?

“Yeah. I know about it. I’ve been tracking them down all these years. However, I’ve only obtained one out of the four keys. I don’t know where the other three might be.”

James said, “They’re with the Omniscient Deity”

Tyrus suddenly came to a realization. “I see.”

James and Tyrus sat together and chatted about the Sealed Realm, the changes in the world, and opening the Sealed Realm.


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