The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1852

Chapter 1852

James already had a few people in mind.

He did not say anything more.

The plane soared through the blue sky and white clouds, quickly flying toward their destination. It did not take long before they landed in Cansington.

After reaching Cansington, James escorted Thea to the Callahans’ residence.

“Thea, I’m going to see the Blithe King. Call me if you need anything.”

James left after telling Thea where he was going.

He hailed a taxi and went to the military region to meet the Blithe King

For the past three years, Sol had been relatively peaceful. So as an army commander, the Blithe King did

not have much to do. When James appeared, the Blithe King personally received him.

The Blithe King gave James an enthusiastic welcome as he led him to his office, pouring him tea and serving snacks.

“James, what brings you to my place today?”

I came to discuss some important matters with you,” James said in a serious tone.


The Blithe King was intrigued.

“What kind of important matters?”

want to become Sol’s King”


The Blithe King stood up abruptly from the shock and stared at James.

He was shaken up by the sudden confession.

It had only been a few years since the new king came to power, and the nation had been developing rapidly since the time he took office. The King had amassed a significant amount of political achievements. For James to want to become Sol’s King so suddenly, was he trying to start a coup? The Blithe King took a deep breath, sat down, and looked at James. He thought for a bit before opening his mouth to speak. “Do you know what you’re saying, James? The election happens every thirty years. Our current king’s performance has been pretty good, and he hasn’t made any mistakes. We don’t have a reason to strip him of his title.”

James immediately knew that Blithe King had misunderstood his intention.

“There is a lot you still don’t understand yet. I’ll explain everything to you slowly.”

James began explaining the matter of the Sealed Realm in detail.

“Once the seal is opened, significant changes will take place on Earth. A cat could become more fearsome than a tiger, or an elephant could grow in size and become comparable to a mountain. On top of that, many unknown monsters will invade our earth.

“According to the information I’ve collected, the seal will be completely undone in ten years. I’ve only got ten years to prepare for this. With this limited time, we must build up enough food reserves, develop powerful moats and fortresses, and make sufficient preparations to survive the catastrophe that will befall us.”

The Blithe King was stunned upon hearing James’ words.

It was not surprising for the Blithe King to react in such a manner since James had suddenly delivered the news in a time of peace.

“Are you kidding, James? This isn’t funny at all.”

James said with a serious expression. “I’m not in the mood to be joking with you. Everything I told you is the truth.”

The Blithe King’s expression became solemn.

James continued. “The current king is just an ordinary person. If I tell him these things, he won’t understand and will think it’s just nonsense. I’ll need to find a way to get him to step down. If I can’t do it legally, I’ll have to pull a few strings behind the scenes. Worse come to worst, I’ll have to launch an attack and forcibly seize the Capital.”

James had no interest in the position of King.

However, he had no choice but to take the position for Sol’s future.


The Blithe King looked at him stonily and said, “You’re overreaching your authority, James. Sol has been peaceful for a hundred years. It’ll be inappropriate for you to launch a direct attack. I suggest you head to the Capital and seek out both the old and new King to discuss this matter. You can still prepare for everything behind the scenes while the King maintains his position.”

The Blithe King did not want James to start a war

Although he trusted James, he did not wish for a civil war to break out within Sol


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