The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1853

Chapter 1853

However, he understood Sol would be in dire straits if this matter was not handled properly.

“There are many matters to handle that require me to have the King’s authority. If I suddenly take action now, I know I’ll become a traitor to Sol’s people, and I’ll need to bear the consequences of my actions. But in ten years, Soleans will appreciate what I’ve done for them.”

“I believe everything you’re saying, but…”

There was hesitation on Blithe King’s face.

The Blithe King did not suspect James because of his lack of interest in the King’s position.

If he really meant to usurp everything. James would have secured his position as the King of Sol four years ago and not waited until this day.

James stood up and said, “I’ll give you time to think about it. For now, I’ll have to head to the Capital. Regardless of what happens next, I’ll discuss this matter with the old and new King first.”

James stood up and left.

After he left, the Blithe King’s expression grew grave.

Immediately, he took out his phone. “Come and see me in the office right now”

Soon, Daniel walked in wearing his military robe.


Daniel greeted respectfully.

“How long have you been with me, Daniel?” asked the Blithe King

Without even thinking about it, Daniel replied, “It’s been almost twenty years.”

“Yeah, it’s already been almost twenty years.”

The Blithe King stood up, walked to the window, and inspected the military region outside. He said worriedly. “James came to see me just now, saying he wants to become king”

“What?” Daniel was shocked.

He immediately locked the door behind him.

“C-Commander, is this true? Daniel asked in a hushed tone.

“Mhm. James said the world is about to go through a change. The catastrophe about to befall us will be very bizarre and unsettling, but I believe him. He said he’ll become the king and lead Sol in building moats, fortresses, and stockpiling food..”

The Blithe King recited James’ promises.

“Do you think I should help him? Or should I refuse and keep my distance from him? His actions will be considered treason. It’s an armed attack against the nation. If he fails, he’ll be disavowed by thousands of people

Hearing this, Daniel was completely at a loss.

He knew James was a martial artist, but his description of the impending events were hard to wrap his head around.

After speaking to the Blithe King, James returned to the Callahans’ villa.

Seeing James sitting in the villa’s living room with a sad expression, Thea walked over and took his hand. Then, she asked concernedly. “What’s the matter? Are things not going well?”

James snapped out of his thoughts and replied, “I went to see the Blithe King and told him my intention of becoming the king. He was shocked. I also told him I’d launch an armed assault to take over the Capital by force if necessary. He didn’t seem to want to help me. However, it doesn’t really matter. Even if he doesn’t help me, it’s enough for him to not get in the way. I’d hate to have to fight against the Western Border Army.”

“Then, what’s your next step?”

Thea looked at James.

I plan to head to the Capital to see the King. I’m going to see if he’s willing to give up his position for the sake of the bigger picture. If not, I’ll have no choice but to follow through with my backup plan.”

Thea nodded and said, “Mhm. I know you’re not doing it because you desire to be king but are simply thinking of the people of Sol.”


James sighed 7 really don’t want to launch an attack on Sol, but if I don’t do something after learning about all this stuff that will happen, the people of Sol will face much harsher battles in the future. If, by chance, I fail to take over the Capital by force, then I’ll have no choice but to return to the Southern Plains and use Dragonville as my base, slowly expanding out to other lands. Ten years should be enough for me to achieve a number of things.”

Thea said, “I don’t understand these things very well, but I know you’ll need money for the development of moats and fortresses. You have control over New Era Commerce. So you’re not lacking funds. You should head to the Capital first and regain control of New Era Commerce. Call some of your former subordinates to help out. It shouldn’t be too hard for you to achieve what you plan like this.”


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