The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1854

Chapter 1854

Thea would support James in everything he decided to do.

In the past, she simply wanted to live a peaceful life with James.

James also fulfilled his promise and lived in seclusion with her for three years. Since her dream of having a simple life had been fulfilled, she did not want to stand in James’ way

Initially, he planned to head to the Capital right away.

However, Thea was about to give birth, and he had no idea when he would return from the Capital.

Ultimately, he decided to stay in Cansington with Thea and only start making plans after their child is born.

So, he did not leave for the Capital and remained at the Callahans’ villa in Cansington.

He would accompany Thea to go shopping for maternity and baby supplies.

More than half a month had passed in the blink of an eye.

One night, James received a phone call while strolling around the yard.

He took out his phone and saw the caller was Thea

“Honey, m-my stomach hurts.”

After answering the phone, he heard Thea’s pained voice crying out.

James hung up the phone without saying a word and quickly rushed into the villa and up the stairs.

Thea sat on the bed, holding her belly in pain.

James walked over as he arrived, supported her, and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you about to go into labor?”

“1-I think so.”

Thea raised her head slightly and looked at James while grimacing, saying, “Hurry, get the things ready. I need to go to the hospital.”

“Alright.” James hurriedly made preparations for Thea’s admission.

Afterward, he helped Thea downstairs.

Many of the Callahans were gathered in the living room.

Seeing James helping Thea downstairs, Gladys quickly stood up and asked with concern, “What’s wrong. Thea? Are you about to give birth?”

Thea felt so much pain that she began to tear up and was unable to respond.

James replied, “Yes, it looks like she’s going into labor.”

“Haha, that’s wonderful!” Lex stood up immediately.

The other family members also stood up excitedly.

James guided Thea outside and drove to the hospital.

Once at the hospital, the doctors examined Thea, asked James to sign some documents, and wheeled Thea into the delivery room.

Outside the room, James and the Callahans waited patiently.

James was anxious and worried about Thea. He paced outside the delivery room wracked with concern.

Two hours later, a nurse came out, took off her mask, and said with a smile, “Congratulations! It’s a baby girl. She weighs three and a half kilograms.”

“Haha. I’m a father now!”

James jumped up excitedly.

After Thea gave birth to their daughter, she remained in the delivery room for an hour for observation. Later, she was sent to a VIP ward

Inside the ward, James kept staring at the baby lying inside a crib.

Her skin was slightly pale, and she looked adorable even with her eyes closed.

James wanted to hug her but was afraid of hurting her.

He looked at Thea resting on the hospital bed

Generally, women would feel weak post-partum. However, Thea was a powerful martial artist. After giving birth, her complexion was rather good and she was energetic.

James asked, “Would you like something to eat, Thea?”

Thea gently shook her head.

She got up with some difficulty and gazed at the newborn baby in the crib with a happy and satisfied smile

Gladys picked up the baby, handed her over to Thea, and said brightly. “Thea, look. She’s adorable. By the way, what’s her name?”

Hearing this, Thea rolled her eyes at James.

She had asked James to think of a name long ago, but James wanted to wait until the child was born to be certain of their gender.

“Congratulations, Thea!”

“Thea, congratulations!”

The Callahans congratulated Thea.


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