The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1855

Chapter 1855

Lex looked at the people in the room and said, “Alright, everyone should leave now. Thea needs rest.”

The Callahans left one after another

Soon, only James and Thea were left in the ward.

Although Thea was a martial artist, she was still exhausted and soon fell asleep in her bed.

James could not fall asleep and sat aside, watching the child absentmindedly.

Not long after, the baby began to cry

James immediately panicked after hearing the baby cry.

Thea, hurry. Our baby is crying.” He woke Thea up

Thea turned over and sat up. She picked up the baby from the crib and began comforting her

However, the baby did not stop crying.

Thea was at a loss and called for the nurse.

Soon, a nurse came inside the ward and told them the baby was hungry.

Then, she taught Thea how to breastfeed the baby.

After several mishaps, the baby was finally full and fell asleep.

At that point, Thea no longer felt sleepy.

She leaned back in bed and asked, “Honey, what should we name our daughter?”


James was taken aback by the question and replied, “1-1 haven’t come up with something yet.”

He scratched his head and said with a smile, “You should name her.”

Thea thought about it for a while. Before the child was born, she had come up with plenty of names for both genders

“How about Winnie Caden? It’s simple and sweet.”

“Mhm, it’s up to you,” James replied with a smile.

Pleased, Thea grinned and yawned. Then, she said, “1 feel sleepy again. You watch over her. I’ll get a bit more rest.”

With that said, she lay down in bed again.

James sat beside the bed and watched over his baby. A smile formed on his face, and he felt compelled to gently pinch Winnie’s face.

The night passed silently.

The next day, the hospital staff brought breakfast to Thea’s ward.

After James and Thea had breakfast, they sat together and chatted.

As they were chatting, the television in the ward was broadcasting the news:

“Our news station has just acquired reports that a ferocious beast from Mount Jreljord roamed away

from its habitat and attacked a small village causing the tragic death of hundreds of villagers at three in the morning. Stay tuned for more updates on this horrific incident”

James and Thea were deep in discussion when they suddenly overheard the news

Thea asked, “What happened? Why would a beast suddenly roam outside the mountain so suddenly? James shook his head and said, “I don’t know”

He immediately took out his phone and searched for news associated with the appearance of this beast

The news of the tragic death of hundreds of people in a small village near Mount Jreljord had gone viral online.

There were even satellite images of the incident being spread.

Unfortunately, the pictures were very blurry.

James immediately called the Blithe King.

“Blithe King, have you heard about the incident at Mount Jreljord?”

“Yes, I’m aware.” The Blithe King replied James

James said, “Send me the satellite footage of the beast’s rampage immediately.”

“Alright.” The Blithe King hung up the phone.

Soon, James received a video.

It was video footage captured by the satellites.

A wild beast rushed into the village and wreaked havoc, destroying the village. A lot of houses were shown collapsing, and hundreds of people tragically lost their lives in the incident.

The beast was more than 30 meters long. It looked like a large wild boar with long black hair covering its body.

After James saw the video, he fell into deep thought.

“Could this wild boar have transformed after accidentally consuming a spiritual fruit that sprouted from the earth?”

It would be troublesome if that were the case

There were still ten years before the seal would be broken. The Earth only had trace amounts of Empyrean Spiritual Energy, yet it was enough to cause a wild boar to mutate. The mutated wild boar seen in the footage was terrifying. The mutated beasts ten years from now would surely be even more vicious than this.


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