The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1856

Chapter 1856

James was uncertain if the boar had mutated after accidentally eating a fruit containing Empyrean Spiritual Energy. All he could do was wait for a statement from the authorities.

James accompanied Thea in the hospital.

A few days later, Thea was discharged.

Throughout this time, James had kept up with the news of the beast from Mount Jreljord that attacked the villagers.

The incident shook the country.

The country dispatched elite troops to Mount Jreljord.

Utilizing satellite mapping, they found the wild boar

However, the wild boar was extremely tenacious and could not be killed even with firearms.

The troops that had been dispatched suffered heavy casualties.

This was confidential information that ordinary people would not usually have access to. Fortunately, James held a high status in Sol, so it was easy for him to obtain further details.

Since the military was unable to kill it, they turned to the ancient martial artists.

There were ancient martial artists working for the country under the Yada Sect that had been established by the old King.

The Yada Sect’s members were all martial artists, and some were even eighth-ranked grandmasters.

The vicious beast was finally killed with the participation of Yada Sect’s martial artists. However, they also sustained heavy casualties, including the loss of several fifth-ranked grandmasters. The situation had gotten to a point where it required the involvement of eighth-ranked grandmasters.

After a long struggle, the authorities were finally able to report that the mutant boar had been killed.

Sol’s citizens were finally relieved.

After learning the beast was killed, James also heaved a sigh of relief.

James stayed in Cansington, taking care of Thea.

A few days later, a burst of black light came from a mountain, and a snake that was tens of meters long made its way into a city and killed many innocent civilians. In the end, the Yada Sect was dispatched once again to kill it.

In just ten days, two beasts had appeared consecutively.

This caused widespread panic

James was sure these animals had transformed after consuming some strange fruit and became stronger as a result.

He knew immediate action was necessary because such occurrences were going to become more frequent

“Thea, I need to go to the Capital”

Thea hugged their child that was scarcely a month old, nodded, and said, “Mhm, go. I’ll stay in Cansington and take care of our child.”

I’m sorry for not being able to stay by your side.”

“It’s alright. I know you’ve got important things to handle ”

Thea was looking at the bigger picture.

After James bid farewell to Thea, he immediately contacted the Blithe King and took a private plane to the Capital

James did not immediately head to Peace Mansion to see the King after arriving. Instead, he headed to the Red Flame Army base

Henry was the current commander of the Red Flame Army

Putting everything aside, he was still James’ confidant.

Henry wore a Red Army robe and sat in the Emperor’s office within the Red Flame Army base. He had a proud and strong air to him but still greeted James with the utmost respect.

“James, what brings you to the Capital?”

Henry, how strong are you right now?” asked James.

Henry replied with a smile. T’ve consumed the Dragon’s blood and essence. My strength has improved by leaps and bounds in the past three years. I’ve already reached the eighth rank and ascended the Skyward Stairway’s Third Stair”

The Dragon’s Essence had produced countless strong martial artists.

Three years ago, Henry had only just cultivated his True Energy and was a first rank grandmaster

In just three years, he reached the eighth rank and ascended the Skyward Stairyway’s Third Stair

His progress was remarkable.

“Mhm. Good job”


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