The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1857

Chapter 1857

James complimented him. Immediately afterward, his voice turned serious, “You know about the recent news about a wild boar attacking a village, followed by a big snake getting into a moat a few days after, right?”

Henry nodded. “Of course. How could such a gigantic wild boar and snake exist?

Considering they had True Energy, I’m quite sure they aren’t regular animals. It’s terrifying.”

James said, “Actually, these are animals that have mutated.”

“Mutated?” Henry was taken aback.

James explained about Empyrean Spiritual Energy leaking from the Sealed Realm.

“Are you serious?”

Henry said grimly, “If this is true, then is chaos about to befall our Earth?”

James nodded and said, “Yes. It’s absolutely true. I came to you to discuss this matter.

There are ten more years before the seal is completely open. Animals are already mutating into horrific creatures right now. The kinds of beasts that will appear in ten years are practically unimaginable. I need to take control of Sol, build powerful moats, and fortresses, and stockpile food. I need your help. If necessary, I’ll have to seize control of Sol by force.”

Henry immediately straightened up and said earnestly. “I’ll follow your orders. Once you give me the word, the Red Flame Army will surround the Capital in an instant.”

James waved his hand and said, “There’s no rush. I’ll visit the King and discuss a plan with him first. I only wanted to tell you in advance to be prepared because we’re short on time. Ten years may seem like a long time, but it’s hardly enough.”

“Alright.” Henry nodded.

After seeing Henry, James left for Peace Mansion.

Peace Mansion was the residence of the highest official of Sol, the King.

Outsiders were forbidden to enter, but James’ status in Sol was comparable to that of the

King, so he was easily granted entrance into Peace Mansion.

However, the current King was still in a meeting.

Thus, James could only wait patiently within the mansion.

Before the new King arrived, the old King, Zacarius, had shown up.

Zacarius was currently assisting the new King with national affairs.

“James, what a surprise. I never expected you to return to the Capital.”

Zacarius smiled and took out a cigar, throwing it to James.

Then, he took off his coat and tossed it at Gloom who was behind him. James caught the cigar thrown at him.

“I’ve come to the Capital because of an important matter.”


Zacarius cocked his brow. He asked, “What is it?”

James elaborated on the recent incidents involving the appearance of beasts.

“First, there was a wild boar more than thirty meters in length. Then, there was a python a few dozen meters long. Do you think it’s merely a coincidence?”

“So, what are you trying to imply?” Zacarius looked at James.

James said, “Actually, these are signs that a catastrophe will soon happen to our world.

I’ll tell you all I know about it. Most of our Earth’s land has actually been sealed.

However, the seal has loosened, and it’s about to regain its Spiritual Energy…”

He revealed the truth about the Sealed Realm.

“What a joke.”

Zacarius said with a smile, “Are you making things up, James? We live in an age of science. Is there any scientific basis for this Sealed Realm or Spiritual Energy being released? That’s enough of your nonsense. You should go back and live your life.”

Zacarius was not convinced by James’ words.

James frowned. He had not even gotten to the part about having to replace the current King.

His brows furrowed together as he looked at the King, saying, “We’ve known each other for many years, and you should understand the kind of person I am. I have no interest in the position of king, but I need to lead Sol in building a new moat and fortress to resist the monsters in the future.”

“So you want to be king now?” Zacarius looked at James incredulously.

“Yeah.” James nodded.

Zacarius turned him down bluntly. “That’s absolutely out of the question. Sol is currently peaceful, and our new King has demonstrated good political prowess. He’s gotten rid of corrupt officials, aided the poor, and is loved by the people. There’s no valid reason for him to step down. If you want to be king, you’ll have to wait for the next election that will happen more than twenty years from now.”

“Yo, it’s so lively here!”

At that moment, a cheery voice broke the room’s tense atmosphere.

A chubby middle-aged man in his 40s walked into the room.

‘Teacher, Dragon King.”

He walked up and welcomed them respectfully.

James knew the man before him was the new king, Josiah Zahm.


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