The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1858

Chapter 1858

Josiah was originally the Capital’s governor.

In the election a few years ago, all the candidates belonging to the capital’s major forces were eliminated, giving him a chance to rise to power and become King.

Judging from his achievements in the past few years, he was indeed a decent king for the country and its people. Despite being the King of Sol, he still showed respect to

Zacarius and James.

He knew Sol would not be where it was today if it was not for both of them.

Zacarius approached the two and sat next to them. He looked at James, saying with a smile, “Dragon King, what a rare visitor. It’s been so long since you last visited Peace

Mansion. What brings you here? Is something the matter?”

“I’d like to be the king.”

Josiah was stunned.

He gave Zacarius a baffled look.

Zacarius narrowed his eyes.

He did not believe James.

From his perspective, James simply coveted the position of king.

“James, that’s not going to happen. I’ve already told you. If you want to become king, then you’ll need to wait for the next election in over twenty years’ time.” Zacarius held firm to his words.

“I’ve already said what I need to. I’ll give you two a few days to think about it.”

James uttered his piece, turned, and left.

After he left, Josiah asked, “What’s going on, Mr. Thybaut?”

Zacarius recounted James’ words from earlier.

Stunned, Josiah asked, “What?! Is this real?”

“Of course, it’s not.”

Zacarius did not believe James at all.

James left.

His trip to Peace Mansion did not go smoothly.

Zacarius did not seem to trust his words.

After leaving, he began to think about what to do. Was it really necessary to forcefully take control of the Capital?

He never wanted it to come to this.

However, if the King was unwilling to step down, he had no choice but to do so.

Three days later, James visited Peace Mansion at night.

The two people with the highest authority in the land were seated together, eyeing

James warily.

James urged them desperately, “Don’t you understand the severity of this matter? Time is running out. In the future, there will be many more mutated beasts. Our world will face an apocalypse, and the Earth will transform dramatically. Monsters and beasts will rampage the land. Our people will be in a critical situation.”

Zacarius and Josiah looked at James silently.

James said a lot in an effort to persuade them.

However, both of them were still not convinced.

“Haah.” James sighed deeply.


Suddenly, Zacarius spoke.


James looked at him.

Zacarius said, “What you’re saying is really unbelievable. If we use this reason to remove the current King from his position, how are you going to explain it to our citizens?

Let’s say I believe you for now, how about you return to the Southern Plains and use

Dragonville as your foundation to build your moats, fortresses, and stockpile resources.”

Zacarius attempted to compromise.

Dragonville was formed by hundreds of moats given to Sol by their enemies as settlements after being defeated in the previous war. These moats were now a part of Sol’s territory.

James was the Dragon King of the Southern Plains and the owner of this land. So he had absolute control over it.

‘The country will give you sufficient support. We’ll supply you with everything you need, including money or human resources. What do you say?

“You can even declare independence and establish your own country,”

Zacacrius suggested.

He had been deeply contemplating the matter over the past few days.


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