The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1859

Chapter 1859

He controlled Yada Sect, which had ancient martial artists as its members.

Thus, he also knew about the incidents involving the beasts.

James’ explanation about the animal mutation had slightly convinced him.

However, it was still inappropriate to abdicate the new King.

Zacarius continued. “There are still ten more years, which should be enough time to prepare. The international situation is quite a mess right now. Many new countries have emerged, and the Kingdom of Merania has been watching Sol closely. If the current king steps down, Merania will seize the opportunity and cause discord.

“I hope you understand.”

Hearing this, James fell into deep thought.

Dragonville had a vast amount of land, most of which was deep forests. It would be easy to develop these lands and build a new moat and fortress.

“Focus on conquest,”

Zacarius spoke again. He looked at James and said, “Right now, every country is trying to seize the resources and lands of the countries at our borders. You should return to the Southern Plains and declare Dragonville’s independence. Form a new country and conquer the small countries on the borders to expand your country’s land.”

James had thought of this before.

The more area he had, the bigger he could build his moat. In the future, it would allow him to accommodate more people when the apocalypse arrives.

“I’ll provide you with weapons, technology, and people so you can establish your country with ease. It’s time we overthrow the Kingdom of Merania.”

Zacarius smiled ambitiously.

James chuckled. “Alright. Then, we’ll go with your suggestion. However, I’ll need to take the Commander of the Red Flame Army and the Blithe King with me to the Southern Plains.”

Zacarius smiled and said, “I already promised to give you whatever you want. Whoever you need, feel free to take them with you.”

Hearing this, James was relieved. He turned and left.

After leaving, Josiah asked solemnly, “Mr. Thybaut, should we really let him proceed with his nonsensical plan?”

Zacarius said helplessly, “We don’t have a choice. James is probably right and I received news that James has plans to launch an armed assault to capture the Capital forcibly.

“Although he disappeared for a few years, he still wields terrifying power in the capital.

‘The Emperor is his former subordinate.

‘The New Era Commerce that controls Sol’s economy was also established by him.

“Not only that, he’s the Dragon King of the Southern Plains and controls the Black

Dragon Army of millions of soldiers.

“He and the Blithe King are still close friends as well.

‘The Centurion of the North, Mr. Walker, is the Emperor’s wife.

“If he tries to take the Capital by force, what means do we have to resist him?”

Zacarius said with resignation.

He was forced to make a choice.

His decision was because he started believing James and wanted to give him a chance to carry out his plan.

Another reason was to support James in causing trouble.

So l had always advocated for peace, but if the Southern Plains’ Dragonville declared independence, whatever it did in the future would have nothing to do with Sol.

“Are you not worried James might try to conquer Sol after Dragonville grows in power?”

“He probably won’t. If he wanted to become Sol’s king, he would’ve taken the position a few years ago and not waited till now. What he is saying is pretty well-founded. We can’t just stay idle either. Whatever James does, we should follow suit, whether it be building new moats, fortresses, or stockpiling resources.”

James left Peace Mansion.

Many people were gathered in a villa in the Capital.

Blake, the founder of the Dark Castle.

Jake, the boss of the underground intelligence network, also known as the genius doctor of Cansington, Jay.

The Elite Eight of the Southern Plains, who were now essential members of the Dragon Palace, was also present.

In the past few years, the Dragon Palace grew rapidly and became one of the greatest forces in the world.


“Dragon King, you’re finally here!”

As soon as James walked into the villa, everyone got to their feet.

May was the first to walk over. She beamed with a charming smile and asked, “James’ what’s the reason you called us to the Capital this time?”

Blake also smiled at James, saying, “I’ve been keeping busy all this time and have managed to become a third-ranked grandmaster.”

James smiled and said, I’ve called everyone here because of an important matter.”


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