The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1860

Chapter 1860

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on James.

In the past few years, James had disappeared without a trace. All of a sudden, he appeared once more, telling them to gather to discuss an important matter.

Blake looked at James and asked, “What’s going on, James? Is this matter truly that important? ”

“Mhm, it’s of the utmost importance.”

James’ expression became solemn as he looked at the people in the villa, saying, “I’m going to declare Dragonville as an independent nation in the Southern Plains. I’ll need everyone’s help.”


The people present were baffled by his announcement.


James wanted to make Dragonville a nation of its own?

Everyone looked at James puzzledly.

If he really wanted to rule the nation, he would have become the king four years ago. He would not have waited until this moment. So, what exactly was the purpose of

Dragonville’s independence right now?

The people in the villa were all James’ former confidants and were absolutely trustworthy.

James saw no reason to hide the truth from them.

“The world is about to change.”

He became serious and explained the situation.

Everyone gathered had never seen James speak with such gravity before. They all looked at him and listened attentively to his words.

“Everyone here is a martial artist, so you should be more familiar with what I’m about to say than ordinary people. In the next ten years, the earth’s environment will deteriorate.

A seal to a different realm will be opened, and Empyrean Spiritual Energy will flow back to the earth. This will result in countless monsters and beasts being created.”

James explained the earth’s seal in detail.


“Are you kidding, James?”

“Are the wild boar and snake incidents some time ago related to this?”

“If this is the case, is our world coming to an end?”

Everyone could scarcely believe what James said.

They did not want to doubt it, but the story sounded extremely improbable and ludicrous.

“I’m absolutely serious. I’ve discussed this with both the new and old Kings. I’ll return to the Southern Plains, declare its independence, and build my own country. Using the Southern Plain’s Dragonville as its foundation, I’ll occupy some small countries around the area and develop a nation. There, I’ll build moats, and fortresses, stockpile rations, and prepare for the apocalypse that will happen in ten years.”

James explained his plan.

Everyone exchanged grave looks.

This was a time of peace, yet they were told an apocalypse was about to happen.

It was unsurprising that the news would seem highly alarming.

“I’ll follow you, James,” Blake was the first to respond to James’ declaration.

“I’ll also follow your command.”

“Give us your order, James.”

“We’ll do whatever you need of us.”

The Elite Eight, now the main members in charge of the Dragon Palace, also spoke out.

Jake said, “I’m already an old man, but I am willing to lend a hand whenever you need me.”


James immediately said, “First, I need the Dragon Palace to cease and withdraw all activities in other countries immediately. Bring all your funds to the Southern Plains.”

He began to delegate orders.

After meeting with his personal task force, James headed out to see Henry again. He asked Henry to resign from his position as the Commander of the Red Flame Army and return to the Southern Plains to oversee the situation.

After resolving matters in the Capital, James returned to Cansington.

James sat in the director’s office on the top floor of an international company in

Cansington and waited.

Click! Clack! Click! Clack!

The sound of high heels clicked neatly through the air.

James heard the footsteps and raised his head. A slender and beautiful woman wearing a professional suit walked into the office.

She was about 180 centimeters tall and had curly red hair. Her face was delicate yet gorgeous and radiated with an elegant and charming aura.

“What a rare visitor.”

Quincy walked over and sat on her office chair. She crossed her legs and looked at

James, who was sitting down. An obvious smile formed on her flawless face. She pretended to pout her lips then said, “Aren’t you supposed to be living in seclusion? What brings you back to Cansington?”

In the past few years, Quincy had been hard at work and completely ignored the affairs of the ancient martial world. Thus, she was not updated on its latest happenings.

Currently, she was enjoying great success in her career.

Three years ago, she joined the company as a small employee.


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