The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1864

Chapter 1864

In order to get Mount Thunder Sect’s support, James passed the Lunar and Terra Art to Simon.

However, James merely gave Simon a simplified version.

This was because James did not completely trust Simon and was slightly worried about what he would do.

After Simon acquired the Lunar and Terra Art, his hands trembled from excitement.

Jackson was intrigued by the cultivation method as well. Despite that, he did not ask too many questions and instead changed the topic.

“When are you heading to the Southern Plains, James?”

James replied, “I’ve already made all my preparations and will leave for the Southern Plains immediately. After I resolve the matters in the Southern Plains, I’ll notify the ancient martial artists of Sol regarding the details of the seals.”

Hearing this, Jackson looked at Delainey, sitting quietly beside them.


‘Yes, Dad?”

Delainey stood up and said respectfully, “I await your orders, Dad.”

Jackson instructed, “Gather ten thousand disciples from Mount Thunder Sect and head to the Southern Plains with James. During this period, you shall be under James’ command.”


Delainey nodded and turned to James. She gave him an enchanting smile as she said,

“When do you plan to leave, Mr. Caden?”

“It’s an important matter, and I can’t have any delays. I need to leave right away.”

“Alright. I’ll gather the disciples right away. However, our sect’s disciples are scattered around currently. It’ll take some time to gather ten thousand of them. You should leave for the Southern Plains first. I’ll meet up with you later.”

“Alright.” James nodded.

James did not linger in Mount Thunder Sect and left shortly after.

Delainey, on the other hand, began to summon Mount Thunder Sect’s disciples.

Meanwhile, in the back of Mount Thunder Sect’s mountain, Jackson looked at Simon and asked enthusiastically, “Grand Patriarch, can you show me the cultivation method James gave you?”

The cultivation method James had given Simon allowed one to step into the ninth rank.

Jackson had also reached the peak of the Skyward Stairway’s Ninth Stair and was one step away from becoming a ninth-ranked grandmaster. It was no surprise that he was also intrigued by the cultivation method.

“Mhm.” Simon nodded.

However, he did not elaborate on the cultivation method and instead asked worriedly,

“Do you believe James’ stories?”

Jackson’s expression became solemn.

“It’s definitely a lot to swallow, but I do believe him. The Void Sect appeared out of nowhere, and their disciples were powerful. There were even two ninth-ranked grandmasters among them. Having so many elite members could only be possible if they were from the Sealed Realm that James mentioned. Moreover…”

Jackson paused for a while and continued.

“Some time ago, two mutated wild beasts had shown up. In the end, martial artists had to get involved to kill the beasts.”

Simon listened carefully and nodded lightly.

“I also believe him. He said many spiritual fruits would sprout into this world, but only a ninth-ranked grandmaster can distinguish and identify these spiritual fruits.

“No… Perhaps even a ninth-ranked grandmaster would be unable to identify them. One has to step into the ninth rank through one’s own effort to be able to identify them.”

“Jackson, our earth is about to change. There are still ten years to go. So, we must work hard, strive to enter the ninth rank, and become stronger as soon as possible.”

‘You’re right, Grand Patriarch. I’ll do my best.”

James left the Southern Plains. He planned to meet up with Maxine.

He already had a lot of people helping him, but he lacked an advisor. Maxine was the perfect candidate for the job.

However, James was hesitant after thinking about what had happened some time ago.

Maxine left the Cadens and founded Floret Palace.

James could not understand why Maxine would do that. He found it hard to distinguish her motives.

To add to that, he had no idea where Maxine was.

After thinking about it, he gave up on the idea and did not look for Maxine.

He rushed to the Southern Plains posthaste.

In Dragonville located in the Southern Plains…

The Southern Plains was Sol’s border.

Dragonville was a new city formed by the territories given up by the nations Sol defeated a few years ago.

The city encompassed a wide area of land and was even larger than some countries.

At that moment, the Southern Plains’ Military Region.

Many people gathered in the military region’s conference room, including Henry, the

Blithe King, the Elite Eight, and the founder of the Dark Castle, Blake.

A few generals were also present.

They were awaiting James’ arrival.


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