The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1865

Chapter 1865

At that moment, the door opened.

A young man walked into the room and immediately became the focus of everyone’s attention.

It was James who had rushed over from Mount Thunder Sect.

While on the way, James made arrangements for the meeting.

Henry returned to the Southern Plains a few days ago and had begun investigations on the personnel there. He figured out where people’s loyalties lay in the Southern Plains.

The problem with the personnel in the Southern Plain’s Military Region had plagued the region for a long time. James planned to purge the military region of its dissidents but never found the time. Now that he wanted to establish a country, it was necessary to clean up the place.

As soon as James entered the room, everyone stood up.

James walked to the seat in front, sat down, and waved his hand to signal everyone to sit down.

“Dragon King.”

After everyone sat down, Henry stood up and walked toward James. He took out a document and handed it over, saying, “I’ve prepared the things you’ve asked for.”

James took the document and carefully reviewed it.

The document listed problematic generals of the Southern Plain’s Military Region in the past three years. There were more than 20 generals in total. Several of them were present in the conference room.

Everyone was puzzled and did not know what Henry had handed to James.

After a while, James slowly put down the document in his hand. He looked at the people in the conference room.

Dozens of people were inside the large conference room, but it was dead silent.

Everyone had the same question in mind-Why had James returned?

Although James was the Dragon King and commander of the Black Dragon Army, he had not shown up in the Southern Plains in the past few years, nor had he concerned himself with the military region’s affairs. Something must have happened for him to suddenly reappear and gather everyone for a meeting.

“The reason I gathered everyone here is to make an announcement. The Southern Plain’s Dragonville is going to declare its independence.”

James’ voice resounded.

Hearing this, all the generals were shocked.


Dragonville wanted to become an independent nation?

What was James trying to do? Was he planning a revolt?

“D-Dragon King…”

A general spoke through trembling teeth, “In-Independence? W-What’re you trying to do? A-Are you trying to revolt?”

“I refuse. I adhere to the principle that we remain a part of Sol.”

Some people voiced their disapproval.

James smiled faintly and said, “I’ll declare independence in just a few days. I’ve already reached an agreement with the old and new Kings. After Dragonville becomes independent, it’ll become a brand new country. In the next ten years, I’m going to focus on this country’s development. However, before I can do that, I’ll need to clean up the military.”

“In these few years that I’ve been away, the Southern Plains Military Region has become a total mess!” James roared.

His sudden exclamation startled many of the people present.

Those who were guilty began to sweat nervously.

“Colton Wadleigh.”

James suddenly called out a name.

A general in his fifties trembled as he stood up. He could not stand steady and almost fell back into his chair. He answered nervously, “D-Dragon King.”

“Strip him of his military rank. Someone take him to the military court where he will wait for his interrogation,” James ordered.

Immediately, several soldiers walked over.

Colton’s face paled.

The others watched anxiously as Colton was taken away.

James’ voice boomed again. “In the past few years, those who have committed unlawful acts should identify yourselves. It’ll save me time from calling your names out one by one.”

The generals in the conference room exchanged anxious glances.

At that moment, no one dared to step forward.

“Levi Grant.”

James called out another name.

Levi, who was sitting on James’ right side, immediately stood up. He straightened up with a calm expression and shouted, ‘Yes, Sir!”

James said coldly, “A few years ago, you served the Emperor and leaked my whereabouts to him.”

Levi’s body froze.

James continued. “From now on, you’re no longer a general of the Southern Plains.”

Levi’s legs went limp, and he fell back on his chair.

James continued to call out names, and those called out were dismissed.

He swiftly and resolutely purged the Southern Plains and did not give the traitors a chance to breathe.

In less than a day, more than ten generals of various ranks were dismissed from their posts in the Southern Plains. The incident was reported back to the country, and it caused an uproar.


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