The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1869

Chapter 1869

James realized that the three people he saw earlier were Polaris Sect’s Grand Patriarchs.

The three Grand Patriarchs gathered together and reviewed countermeasures.

Suddenly, another person plummeted from the sky and slammed into the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust.

The person stood back up but instantly coughed out a mouthful of blood.

James saw the person’s appearance and realized it was his grandfather, Thomas. He quickly walked over.

“Are you alright, Grandpa?”

Thomas wiped the blood from his lips and said grimly, “The Void Sect are dreadful opponents. They’re unfazed even with so many people attacking Mount Bane at once.”

Right after he spoke, another person fell down.

This time, it was Sky.

Sky was injured, and his hair was disheveled. It made him look weary.

After him, several other strong martial artists plummeted from the sky.

All of them were wounded.

“We should stop fighting on our own and plan a coordinated attack,” Thomas suggested.

“A miraculous item has formed on Mount Bane. It’s stronger than the dragon’s blood and essence. We can’t let the Void Sect have it for themselves.”

Thomas was unaware that Mount Bane was where the portal to the Sealed Realm was located.

He simply knew that something extraordinary had appeared on Mount Bane.

Upon hearing Thomas’ suggestion, everyone hesitated.

There were about 20 people in the Void sect, most of whom ascended the Skyward

Stairway’s Ninth Stair. The exception was Kaj, who was a ninth- ranked grandmaster along with another elite of the sect.

Even if they joined forces, their strength might be insufficient to ascend Mount Bane.

Just when everyone had gathered and was preparing to ascend the mountain together, a group of people approached them from the distance.

These people wore black coats and hats, making it hard to see their faces.

However, those present could identify the approaching group as members of the Blood Race.

James recognized the First Blood Emperor and knew the rest of the group was from the Blood Race.

The Blood Race obtained the dragon’s blood more than a thousand years ago and commanded terrifying might. Over the years, they kept a relatively low profile, but now they had arrived and made such a grand appearance.

Could the Blood Race also know about the seal?

Did they appear at this moment because they wanted to seize control of Mount Bane?

James looked at Tyrus solemnly and whispered, “Uncle, this group is from the Blood Race.”

Tyrus nodded subtly.

He knew the Blood Race very well.

However, he had never fought martial artists from Blood Race before.

His brows furrowed as he said, “I never expected the Blood Race to show up. It seems it won’t be easy to seize of Mount Bane today. We don’t have to rush, though. Father will come after he resolves his matters. It’ll be enough if we can stall for time.”

Seeing the Blood Race appear, the people at the foot of Mount Bane instinctively gave way to them.

The First Blood Emperor stepped forward and looked at the colorful rays of light shining through the mist surrounding the mountain. He shouted,” People of Void Sect, listen up.

The Blood Race has come to claim Mount Bane. You have ten minutes to evacuate immediately. Otherwise, we will show no mercy.”

The First Blood Emperor’s voice rang out domineeringly.

The first thing he asked for was for the Void Sect to leave Mount Bane.

Despite his arrogant behavior, everyone knew the Blood Race did indeed have the strength to support their actions.

A statue had appeared in an open area on Mount Bane’s summit.

The human-like statue was 50 meters high. The statue’s eyes were lifelike as it glared into the distance as if it held contempt for the world.

Although it was a statue, it gave off an imposing aura.

Colorful rays of light shone from the statue.

The statue looked like a god.

A few hundred meters away from the statue, many people were gathered.

These were Void Sect’s disciples.

The Void Sect’s elder stood in front, and behind him was Kaj.

They had just defeated a strong martial artist seeking to ascend the mountain


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