The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1870

Chapter 1870

“Sir, we’re not going to get anywhere like this. Earth’s martial artists are more powerful than we expected. Apart from the Supernatural grandmaster that appeared previously, there are now several ninth-ranked grandmasters. Moreover, the Blood Race that obtained the dragon’s blood a few thousand years ago has shown up. We can’t afford to antagonize them.”

Standing behind, Kaj chose his words carefully.

The elderly man’s eyes were fixated on the statue in front of them.

The statue appeared last night.

Last night, its appearance caused tremors to spread from Mount Bane.

Several mountains that disappeared at some point in history reappeared and seamlessly merged with Mount Bane. Along with the appearance of these new terrains was the statue.

Even though it was merely a statue, it emanated powerful energy. He had never felt such intense energy, even within the Sealed Realm.

“What kind of statue is this? Who does this belong to? The statue alone emits such an imposing power. If the person it was modeled after appeared, it’d be nothing short of terrifying.”

The elderly man mumbled ominously.

He turned around and looked at Kaj behind him. His mouth opened to deliver an order,


Kaj replied respectfully, “Yes?”

The elderly man had a grim expression as he instructed his subordinate,” The martial artists from Earth have caught us off-guard. We’re unable to push them back completely.

The portal to the Sealed Realm is located in Mount Bane, so we must do whatever it takes to remain here. You will return through the sealed gateway and notify our sect to send stronger people. Otherwise, we won’t be able to stay in control of Mount Bane.”

“Stronger people?”

After a brief shock, Kaj replied, “Sir, there is a Supernatural-ranked grandmaster on Earth. Our sect only has a few people in that same rank. Do you mean to ask our sect’s senior members to come? The seal has only just loosened, so there are still a lot of restrictions preventing one from passing through. It’s much more difficult for stronger people to enter Earth.”

“Think of something.”

The elderly man ordered, “Notify the sect that we need stronger people here at all costs. If possible, ask the sect to get Grand Priestess Juniper through the portal. With her here, she’ll definitely be able to drive back Earth’s martial artists.”

“Understood. I’ll go right away.”

Kaj nodded.

Mount Bane was extraordinary.

It was where the seal to Sealed Realm’s gateway was located.

No one knew what happened in the distant past for the earth to end up being sealed.

However, it was certain that once the seal was opened, a great number of opportunities would open up to everyone.

Preemptively capturing Mount Bane would be equivalent to gaining access to these benefits in advance.

Kaj left.

The elderly man continued standing before the statue.

“Listen up, Void Sect. You still have five minutes to evacuate. If you’re not gone when time is up, we will stain Mount Bane red with your blood.”

A voice resounded again from the bottom of the mountain.

The elderly man pressed his lips together. On his face was a hint of murderous intent.

“They all must want to rush to their deaths.”

The elderly man took out a pill.

The pill was the size of a grape. It was crimson and gave off a red glow.

It was a pill given to him by the sect’s elders before they left for Earth.

The pill would let him break free of his body’s shackles and step into a higher rank.

However, the side effects were quite serious.

Despite the risk, he could not care less at the moment.

It would be impossible for him to defeat the earth’s martial artists without attaining a higher rank.

Moreover, if he did not defeat these martial artists, he would not be able to keep their hold on Mount Bane.

Neither he nor his sect wanted the outcome of losing Mount Bane.

Opening his mouth, he swallowed the pill.

The moment he swallowed it, his expression became murky, and a dreadful force burst out from him.


A crisp sound resounded throughout his body.

Following the sound, his energy instantly multiplied.

He was initially a ninth-ranked martial artist that had broken free of the first shackle. After taking the pill, he broke free from the second shackle and reached the ninth rank’s second stage.

“Not enough. This isn’t enough!!!

“If I want to deter Earth’s Supernatural-ranked grandmaster, I must at least be at the same rank.”

“Break, damn you!!!” He growled.

The pill was miraculous.

Its power surged through his body, and his energy continued to skyrocket. His strength had increased exponentially in just a few minutes.


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