The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1874

Chapter 1874

James was intrigued when spiritual fruits were brought up.

He had stepped into the ninth rank with the help of a spiritual fruit that contained

Empyrean Spiritual Energy.

James began to search the area.

However, after searching for a while, he could not find any fruits or plants containing

Empyrean Spiritual Energy.

He was disappointed.

After one round of searching, he turned back.

Many people were still at Mount Bane’s foot.

Everyone was discussing the unknown mountains.

“What happened? Why has Mount Bane grown bigger? The area around here is so much larger. The last time I came, these mountains weren’t here. How is it possible for them to suddenly appear?”

“Yeah. It’s bizarre.”

Everyone was puzzled and could not understand what had happened.

However, they speculated it had something to do with the colorful light rays on the mountain peak.

Simon and Jackson from the Mount Thunder Sect had also arrived. Previously, they had gained insight into these occurrences when James visited, but they chose to remain silent and not disclose any information.

“What should we do now?”

Thomas stepped forward and looked at the martial artists from all over the world that had gathered at the mountain foot. Then, he said, “Are we just going to let the Void Sect occupy Mount Bane? Colorful light rays are coming from the mountain peak. There must be a divine object that’s appeared. No matter what, we have to ascend the mountain and see what it is.”

He persuaded the martial artists.

“Fellow martial artists, we might be able to defeat the Void Sect if we join hands!”

At that moment, the Blood Race’s members were treating their wounds.

The Blood Race had fought the Void sect, and all their members, including their Grand

Patriarch and the First Blood Emperor, were severely injured. Kaiden’s injury was the worst. He had one arm hanging from his shoulder. It was almost completely severed.

After Thomas stepped forward, many people cast their gazes at the Blood Race.

Seeing the Blood Race’s miserable state, everyone remained silent and did not respond.

With no one responding, Thomas felt helpless.

James looked to Tyrus and asked, “Uncle, what should we do?”

Tyrus replied, “There’s no rush. Let’s wait a few more days.”

He was not in a hurry to act.

After getting a reply, James continued waiting at the foot of Mount Bane.

None of the other martial artists left either.

It was not long before night fell.

At night, the light rays on the mountain peak were even more dazzling. The colorful lights shot up and illuminated the sky. The remarkable sight could be seen even from tens of kilometers away.

James sat on a rock and looked at the colorful light rays shining at the mountain peak.

He stroked his chin and murmured, “What exactly is on the mountaintop? Why are colorful light rays bursting out?”

James was curious.

He walked over to Tyrus, who was resting with his eyes closed. James tugged him and said, “Uncle, let’s secretly ascend the mountain and see what’s emitting these light rays.”

Tyrus looked at the distant sky.

He was also curious about it.

After thinking about it, he nodded and said, “Alright. Let’s sneak up and take a look.”


James was thrilled.

Taking the lead, he ascended the mountain.

The two quietly made their way up.

Soon, they were close to Mount Bane’s peak.

However, there were several disciples of the Void Sect guarding the area.

“Someone’s blocking the path.”

James stopped and wore a solemn expression.

Tyrus smiled and said, “The most powerful person of the Void Sect is the elderly man.

Apart from him, there’s only one other ninth-ranked grandmaster. The rest have not even reached the ninth rank. These people on guard definitely haven’t entered the ninth rank.”

After speaking, his body flickered, and he dashed at the guards.

The Void Sect’s disciples had their acupoints sealed before they could even react and froze in place.

James strode over to them.

Mount Bane was huge, but the Void Sect only had several disciples, making it hard for them to have complete control over the area.

Soon, James and Tyrus ascended the mountain and appeared near the source of the light rays. Both of them were dumbfounded to find that the object emanating with light was a mere statue.


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