The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1875

Chapter 1875

The mysterious object emitting colorful light rays was nothing but a statue.

The statue was fifty meters high and in the image of a man in a robe. The statue’s expression was focused as it looked into the distance. It had an invincible charisma, as if it had disdain for the world.

Although it was a statue, it emanated strong energy.

There was an air of power around the statue, as if it were a real martial artist.

James was overwhelmed by its energy and felt the urge to worship it.

“Huh?” James was dumbfounded.

Who was the statue carved after? How was it possible for it to have such strong energy?

Tyrus was also startled by it.

He thought a divine being had appeared. He never expected it to be a statue.

“Who’s there?”

A loud voice resounded through the area.

“Let’s go.”

Tyrus quickly reacted and urged James to leave.

James did not linger and quickly turned to flee.

At that moment, a figure rushed over. Tyrus immediately thrust his palm forward and met the other person’s attack.


Two forces collided.

Tyrus was sent flying.

He borrowed the force’s momentum and quickly descended Mount Bane.

Halfway down the mountain, he stopped and spat a mouthful of blood.

James rushed over, supported him, and asked, “Are you alright, Uncle?”

Tyrus raised his hand and wiped the blood off his lips. Then, he waved his hand, saying,

“It’s nothing serious. It’s just my Blood Energy churning from the force. I never expected the elderly man from the Void Sect to be so strong. I’ve already broken free from the second shackle. Since his attack could hurt me, he must’ve broken free from the third shackle.”

The elderly man from the Void Sect had strength that exceeded Tyrus’ expectations.

Fortunately, that man did not chase after them.

Otherwise, an intense battle would ensue.

Standing under the statue on Mount Bane’s peak, Wilbert was also injured.

During the day, he fought against many of the Blood Race’s powerhouses and got hurt.

After the exchange with Tyrus, his injuries only worsened.

He sat in a lotus position on the ground and urged his True Energy to heal his wounds.

With a solemn expression, he murmured, “Apart from the Blood Race, I never expected other powerhouses in Sol to be able to sustain an attack from me. He wasn’t the Prince of Orchid Mountain or the Omniscient Deity. Sol’s ancient martial artists are not to be underestimated.”

Wilbert was slightly worried.

If all of Sol’s martial artists united, he might not be able to guard Mount Bane.

Now, he could only hope for his sect’s powerhouse to appear soon.

Otherwise, it would be hard for him to continue protecting Mount Bane.

At the mountain foot, James and Tyrus returned together.

As soon as the two appeared, many people surrounded them.

The person in the lead was Thomas.

He looked at James and asked, “Did you sneak up the mountain? What’s shining on the top of the mountain?”

Everyone looked at James and awaited his answer.

James looked at everyone, nodded, and replied, “Yes, we snuck up the mountain to take a look. The thing emitting the colorful light rays is a statue.”

“A statue?” Everyone was shocked.

“Mhm, it’s a statue of more than fifty meters high, and the image carved was wearing a robe. Although it’s a statue, it emanates terrifyingly strong energy. Its energy alone was enough to make me feel suppressed,” James said worriedly.

The statue alone was so powerful. If it were a real person, he would be overwhelmingly strong.


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