The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1876

Chapter 1876

Hearing this, everyone started discussing.

Everyone began speculating what kind of statue it was.

James noticed that almost all martial artists from all over the world had arrived. He looked at Tyrus, who was sitting in a lotus position and healing his injuries. He walked over and asked, “Uncle, do you think we should tell them about the seal?”

Tyrus thought for a while and said, “You can tell them about the seal coming loose and the various changes about to take place. It’s best to inform them now so they’ll be prepared for it.”


After getting permission, James walked to the crowd.

At that moment, the martial artists were gathered to discuss the statue.

When James approached, everyone stood up.

James looked at the dozens of people before him.

These martial artists were currently the world’s strongest martial artists. They were going to be the pillar of humankind in the future. The Earth’s people would have to rely on them.

“My fellow martial artists, you must all be curious why so many unknown mountains have appeared around Mount Bane.”

James’ voice resounded.

Hearing this, Zekiel asked with curiosity, “Yeah. Everything was normal, so what exactly happened for so many mountains to appear?”

Another person asked, “James, do you know what’s happening?”

“Cut to the chase if you know about it.”

‘Yeah, what’s going on?”

“Everyone’s curious.”

James raised his hand and gestured for them to calm down.

The crowd immediately stopped talking.

James looked at everyone and said, ‘You’re right. I do know the cause. It has something to do with the seal.”

Thomas asked, “What seal are you talking about?”

James replied, “Actually, I don’t know much about it either. I only know that our Earth was sealed in ancient times, and the majority of the Earth’s lands were hidden. The seal’s location is in Mount Bane. The sudden appearance of mysterious mountains means the seal has come loose, and the hidden lands are slowly resurfacing.

“In the future, the seal will continue to loosen, and the Earth’s area will continue to expand. At the same time, Empyrean Spiritual Energy from within the Sealed Realm will also be released, and our Earth will be full of energy, causing spiritual fruits to form. At the same time, many beasts and monsters will appear…”

James explained the things he had learned.

However, he did not mention anything about the four keys.

Hearing James’ explanation, everyone was stunned.

They never expected such secrets to be hidden on Earth.

No one questioned James’ words since mutated beasts had infested the Earth, and unknown mountains had also appeared.

“When the seal is completely open, Empyrean Spiritual Energy will be revived, and our Earth will change dramatically? T-That’s unbelievable.”

‘Yeah, it’s indeed unbelievable.”

“However, this is an opportunity for humans. James said many spiritual fruits will be formed on our Earth. Their energy isn’t inferior to the Dragon Essence’s. Perhaps, it might even be stronger. If we’re lucky enough to obtain one, our strength can improve to a higher level.”

Many people began discussing.

James continued, “Listen, this matter is crucial. It’s related to the survival of humankind. To avoid causing panic, we shouldn’t announce it to the world just yet, so please keep it a secret.”

James was worried the marital artist present would leak the information and cause a global panic.

It would be troublesome if the situation were to get out of hand.

Everyone nodded solemnly.

It was already a little difficult for them to accept the news as powerful martial artists.

Since that was the case, ordinary humans would definitely panic if they learned of such news. Humans would think that the world was about to end, and the crime rate would surely increase.

Thomas said solemnly, “Is this why Dragonville declared independence and became a country? Are you trying to build a safe country for humanity?”

“Mhm.” James nodded.

Thomas pulled James aside and whispered, “Child, you should come to Japura. I’ll use all means available to help you build a prosperous country. Even if it’s the end of the world, so what? The Cadens will stand strong as the leaders of the world’s greatest country and provide a safe place for humankind.”

Thomas began to persuade James.

In his opinion, Japura had more prospects for development.

James politely rejected Thomas.

“Grandpa, I’ll be fine with just Dragonville. As for Japura, I won’t stop you. I only hope you can build moats and fortresses as well as accumulate enough food supply. I can provide you support if necessary.”


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