The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1877

Chapter 1877

Dragonville alone was far from enough.

James hoped several other countries would be established to support human survival.

With more countries, humankind would still have a safe place to live when the impending apocalypse arrived.

Since James refused him again, Thomas did not attempt to persuade him anymore.

Next, everyone gathered together and began discussing Mount Bane.

Now that they were aware of the truth, everyone knew Mount Bane was a magical place, and they had to conquer it. They could not let the Void Sect from the Sealed Realm occupy it.

Throughout the night, everyone discussed the matter together.

After a night of discussion, they concluded to attack Mount Bane early morning the next day.

The night passed silently.

The next day morning, the sun rose from the horizon.

Dozens of martial artists gathered at Mount Bane’s foot.

Thomas stepped forward and said, “There are at most twenty disciples in the Void Sect.

These twenty people are at the Skyward Stairway’s Ninth Stair, and there are a few HalfSaints. The strongest one is the Void Sect’s elder.

As he spoke, he turned to the Blood Race and asked,” Seniors, you guys have fought the Void Sect’s elder. How strong is he?”

Thomas did not act arrogantly in front of the Blood Race. Instead, he respectfully addressed them as his seniors.

Kaiden sat in a lotus position on the ground.

He sustained severe injuries yesterday.

After recuperating for a night, most of his injuries had recovered.

He stood up and stretched his body. His pale face was gloomy as he replied, “I’ve already broken free from two shackles, but I was still defeated. The powerhouse from the Void Sect must’ve broken free from the third shackle but hasn’t become a Supernatural. If he had become a Supernatural, he would not have been intimidated by the Prince of Orchid Mountain.”

Hearing this, many people gasped.

Thomas said, “There’s nothing to be afraid of. We’ll surely be able to kill the Void Sect’s powerhouse and seize Mount Bane if we join forces.”

Thomas began to encourage everyone.

James stood aside and whispered, “Uncle, are you planning to participate?”

Tyrus thought for a while and said, “If we fight together, we might be able to defeat or even kill the Void Sect’s powerhouse. Initially, I wanted to wait a few more days for my father to arrive. Since everyone is already impatient, I’ll join this fight.”

James was relieved by Tyrus’ words.

Suddenly, Sky stood up and said, “There’s nothing to be afraid of. Let’s do it!”

“That’s right! Mount Bane belongs to Earth! Martial artists from Earth should be the ones in control of it! The Void Sect came from the Sealed Realm. They’re our enemies!”

“Let’s strike together!”

Everyone spoke up.

“Alright, let’s go!”

Thomas was the first to draw his long sword.

“Kill them!”

The sound of their shouts was deafening.

On top of Mount Bane, Wilbert sat under the statue and focused on adjusting his energy.

At that moment, a disciple of the Void Sect rushed over and shouted, “Sir, we’ve got trouble! Earth’s martial artists are coming!”

Wilbert cursed furiously and stood up, and great energy erupted from his body.

He stood up and rushed toward the distance.

Standing on the mountain’s peak, he checked the surroundings.

Halfway up the mountain, dozens of people were charging at them with overwhelming energy and deafening shouts.

Wilbert clenched his fists tightly, and veins bulged on his face as intense energy erupted from his body.


The Thunder King from the Kingdom of Merania was the first to attack. He unleashed his power, and a flash of lightning pierced through the sky with a terrifying strong force.

Wilbert waved his hand and threw his fist at the lightning.

The lightning dispersed instantly.

He stood on the mountaintop, looked at the people charging at him, and roared, “You guys are digging your own graves!”

However, he was greeted by several beams of bright Sword Energy.

Hundreds of Sword Energies immediately swept toward him with terrifying strength. Wilbur stood firmly on the mountaintop.


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