The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1878

Chapter 1878

Strong energy erupted from his body.

At that moment, he moved.

“Come, my sword.”

Wilbert waved his hand.

A bright, long sword dashed toward him from a distance. He caught the long sword and charged down the mountain. He slashed the long sword forward, and a powerful Sword

Energy erupted and parried the hundreds of Sword Energies.

At that moment, the Blood Race’s powerhouses, Tyrus, the three Grand Patriarchs from

Polaris Sect, Sky, Thomas, and the Thunder King attacked.

All of them attacked from different directions and besieged Wilbert.

A fierce battle broke out instantly.

True Energy rippled, and Sword Energies flickered through the sky.

Wilbert was strong, but those attacking him were ninth- ranked grandmasters. Moreover,

Tyrus and the Blood Race’s Grand Patriarch had broken free from two shackles.

At that moment, it was hard for him to parry everyone’s attacks.


Tyrus raised his long sword and struck out quickly. He appeared at Wilbert’s right side at the speed of light and thrust his sword at Wilbert.

Just when Wilbert had repelled the Blood Race’s powerhouses, Tyrus attacked.

Tyrus’ sword technique was swift, and Wilbert could not react in time. The sword pierced into his arm and caused a bloody wound. Blood splurted out of his wound and showered the area.

“Get lost!”

Wilbert was injured, but his energy remained strong. His face darkened, and he swung his sword to force Tyrus away.

Tyrus quickly dodged the sword.


Wilbert’s Sword Energy dashed far away. The sky darkened, and the mountains shook as if an earthquake was impending. His Sword Energy damaged a large area.

After Wilbert was forced back, a raging fire charged at him.

It was one of the Meranian’s Psychics, Linna, who attacked.

The powerful flame forced Wilbert backward.

Wilbert’s body quickly descended. He stuck close to the mountain as he moved. His body emanated with strong energy and destroyed everything in the path he passed.

Gravels flew in the air, and the force uprooted countless big trees.

Behind him, Sword Energies struck consecutively.

“Damn it,” Wilbert cursed out.

He was wounded.

After dodging a series of attacks, he charged toward the closest enemy, Sky.

Sky’s expression darkened, and he quickly attempted to dodge.

However, Sky could not act fast enough to avoid Wilbert’s attack.

Their palms collided with each other.

Sky was directly blasted away, and he slammed into the ground.

“Sword Storm.”

Thomas unleashed his signature martial skill.

Sword Energies began to form one after another.

Wilbert gripped his sword without fear of this attack. He charged at the Sword Energies and shattered them. Then, he appeared before Thomas and thrust out his sword.

Thomas failed to dodge and was stabbed in the chest. After that, he sustained another palm attack, which blasted his body backward.

At that moment, Wilbur was attacked by a powerhouse of the Blood Race. His body was sent flying, and he spurted out a mouthful of blood after being struck in the back by a palm attack.

The battle was intense.

Many people attacked Wilbert, but he did not back down and continued to fend them away.

On the side of the Earth’s martial artists, many were injured.

Meanwhile, another fierce battle was taking place in another area.

The other martial artists fought against the Void Sect’s disciples.

James faced three Half-Saints that had bizarre moves. They used a martial art technique that James had never seen before. Despite being a ninth-ranked grandmaster, it was not easy for him to defeat them in such a short time.

As he fought the three Half-Saints, he paid close attention to the battle in the distance.

He was anxious as he watched the other martial artists constantly sustaining injuries and being forced back.

“Get lost.”

James’ Primordial Dragon Blade shone with a golden light, and terrifying Sword Energies erupted, constantly forcing back the three Half-Saints.

“Uncle, I’m coming to help you!”

James forced away the Half-Saints and rushed to the battlefield in the distance.


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