The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1879

Chapter 1879

Although James was a ninth-ranked grandmaster, it would not be easy for him to defeat three Half-Saints so quickly.

He knew the strongest person in the Void Sect right now was Wilbert.

If they defeated Wilbert, the Void Sect’s disciples would be easier to take on.

James pushed back the three people and joined the battle against Wilbert.

The slightly weaker Thomas, the Thunder King, and other martial artists withdrew from the battle and went to fight the three Half-Saints.

Now, there were many people surrounding Wilbert-five from the Blood Race, the three

Polaris Sect’s Grand Patriarch, Tyrus, Sky, and James.

In total, there were eleven people.

Among them, even the weakest ones were ninth-ranked grandmasters.

Tyrus and the Blood Race’s Grandmaster, Kaiden, were the main attacking forces. The other people assisted from the side to distract Wilbert.

Sword Lights and figures flickered through the sky. True Energy waves rippled, and gravel flew in the air.

Although Wilbert had broken free from three shackles, he could not resist being besieged by so many people at once and soon fell into a disadvantage.

He was forced to retreat gradually.

The overwhelming attacks gave him no chance to fight back.

Tyrus and the Blood Race’s Grand Patriarch were on par with him. With these two constantly pestering him, he could not afford to get distracted by the others’ attacks.


He quickly dodged an attack.

A deep pit formed in the ground instantly.

Throughout the battle, Tyrus attacked relentlessly. In a flash, he appeared in front of

Wilbert and slashed his sword.

Wilbert raised his hand to parry the attack.


The two swords collided, and terrifying Sword Energy swept their surroundings.

Tyrus had slightly weaker True Energy and was pushed back by the force.

Kaiden quickly seized the chance to attack.

Wilbert quickly turned around to block the attack.

James hovered near the battle and waited for an opportunity.

“It’s my chance.”

After Tyrus had shaken Wilbert up and Kaiden followed up with another attack, James

charged forward with the Primordial Dragon Blade.

He held his sword in a straight line with his body and plunged at Wilbert.

Wilbert sensed the danger approaching him.

At his rank, he could sense danger in advance and hence quickly dodged the attack.

James’ sword attack missed its target.

Zekiel and the three Grand Patriarchs joined forces and followed up with more attacks.

Wilbert constantly parried the attacks.

However, he was fighting a lone battle against many.

He had exhausted a lot of his True Energy and sustained injuries during this long battle.

Ultimately, his sword was severed by Tyrus.

Without his sword, he fell into a dire situation. A few minutes later, a sword pierced through his chest.

Shortly after, several swords were placed against his neck.

He froze and stopped fighting back.

Tyrus quickly reached out and sealed the important acupoints all over Wilbert’s body.

Seeing that Wilbert had been defeated, James immediately shouted, ‘The Void Sect’s

Grand Patriarch has already been defeated. That’s enough.”

His voice echoed through the area.

After hearing this, the Void Sect’s disciples immediately put down their weapons.

Their acupoints and cultivation bases were sealed.

The martial artists brought the Void Sect’s disciples to the mountaintop and had them sit on the ground.

Meanwhile, the Earth’s martial artists also sat on the ground and began to treat their injuries.

After the Void Sect’s defeat, James wanted to gain more information about the Sealed

Realm. He walked toward the injured Wilbert, who had his acupoints sealed.

James looked at him and asked, “If you want to live, answer the questions I ask you.”

“Haha,” Wilbert laughed disdainfully.

James asked, “What kind of place is the Sealed Realm?”

Wilbert looked at James, sneered, and said, “Earthling, you’ll never understand the

Sealed Realm. To tell you the truth, earthlings will be annihilated instantly once the seal opens.”

“All earthlings are sinners.

“You were banished to Earth.

“Once the seal opens, Ultranaturals will come and wipe out you sinners.”

Wilber spoke in a smug tone.

It seemed he had already imagined the end of the earthlings.



Tyrus asked, “What do you mean?”


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