The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1880

Chapter 1880


Wilbert snorted and refused to say anything more.

“Are you going to speak or not?” Sky walked over and pressed his sword on Wilbert’s neck.

He threatened, “If you refuse to speak, I can kill you instantly.”

Wilbert was not afraid.

His expression did not change even with the sword pressed against his neck.

The Void Sect’s disciples also wore disdainful expressions.

“You guys really think you’re strong, don’t you?

“What makes you think you’re so great after you’ve defeated us?”

“Ultranaturals will flood Earth once the seal opens. Any one of them will be able to wipe you guys out.”

The Void Sect’s disciples were confident.

Even if they lost the battle, they remained arrogant.

James was at a loss.

He looked at Tyrus and asked, “Uncle, what should we do now?”

Tyrus fell into thought. After a while, he said, “Detain them for now. Let’s not act rashly and wait for my father.”

He could not decide on such an important matter.

The Void Sect had built a few simple buildings around the mountaintop.

These buildings were used to lock up the Void Sect’s disciples temporarily.

Earth’s martial artists gathered before the statue on the mountaintop. They inspected the colorful light rays in shock. It was hard to accept that a mere statue could emit such colorful light and energy.

“This statue is amazing ”

“I’ve got the urge to kneel and worship the statue just by looking at it.”

“I feel the same.”

“Staring at it, I feel like I can hardly breathe.”

Many people were in awe of the statue.

James’ curiosity was also piqued.

He could not carefully inspect the statue last night.

James slowly walked over to the statue. Getting closer, he felt more pressure. When he was ten meters away, he felt it was impossible to advance further.

His feet felt like they weighed thousands of kilograms and were glued to the ground, making it impossible to take another step forward.

He sweated profusely.


Suddenly, a colorful, dazzling light burst out from the statue.

The light dashed at him and pushed him back.

James stumbled backward and retreated about a hundred meters away.

Fortunately, he was not injured.

“What a strong force.”

James was shocked.

Seeing this, other people stepped forward one after another.

They were met with the same result and could not get further than the ten-meter mark.

When they attempted to do so, they would be forced backward.

“How mysterious.”

“Whose image is the statue carved after? Why does it contain such great power?” I’ve no idea.”

“The Void Sect must know. Let’s go interrogate them.”

Everyone discussed and headed to the simple buildings in the distance.

The Void Sect’s members sat on the ground inside the room.

Sky drew his sword again and placed it against Wilbert’s neck, asking, “Answer my question. What’s the statue outside?”

“I don’t know,” Wilbert replied.

‘You don’t know?” Sky’s expression darkened.

Sky raised his hand abruptly and swung it.

One of the Void Sect’s disciples’ arms was severed.


The disciple screamed out in pain.

“What’re you doing?!” James quickly interrupted.

Sky replied coldly, “The Void Sect is from the Sealed Realm. They’re our enemies. They’re foreign beings and deserve death.”

James could not find any reason to refute Sky’s words.

They were indeed foreign beings and were humanity’s enemy.


Wilber laughed disdainfully. “Go ahead, kill us. Kill us all. But, you’re not going to live long, either. All earthlings will perish soon. Your kind will be extinct within ten years.

He laughed sarcastically and maliciously.


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