The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1881

Chapter 1881

Wilbert was severely injured and covered with wounds. His head was bleeding, and it caused his face to be covered in blood. Even his hair was messy.

However, he showed no fear.

As a person of the Void Sect from the Sealed Realm, he was not afraid of earthlings.

He was not afraid of death.

Even peerless powerhouses could not escape death in life.


Who could really live forever?

No one was really capable of living forever.

‘You’re at the brink of death, but you’re still acting so stubborn. I’d like to see if you’d still refuse to speak,” Sky threatened coldly.

Then, he thrust his long sword.

His long sword pierced into one of the Void Sect’s disciples, who was sitting by the side. He retracted his sword, and blood splattered.

“Haha. You all are going to die soon…”

The disciple who was stabbed shouted.

After Sky stabbed the disciple, he made another palm attack on his forehead. His forehead bled, and he fell to the ground, losing all signs of life.

Sky made very decisive and lethal attacks.

There were many ancient martial artists from Earth, but none stepped out to stop him.

The Void Sect was from the Sealed Realm and came to Earth with evil intentions.

Showing them mercy would be shooting themselves in the foot.

The other Void Sect’s disciples glared at Sky with bloodshot eyes.

If their eyes could kill, Sky would have died many times over.

After Sky killed a disciple of the Void Sect, he looked at Wilbert nonchalantly and said coldly, “I’m giving you one last chance. If you don’t talk, I’ll kill another person. If you continue to refuse to provide me with answers, I’ll keep killing until no one is left.”

Wilbert’s eyes were bloodshot, and he gritted his teeth, making him look ferocious and horrifying.

James knew what would happen next, so he refused to stay in the room any longer. He turned around and walked out.

He stood at the mountaintop and inspected Mount Bane’s surroundings. Desolate screams came from the room behind him and continued to resound one after another.

James knew Sky was torturing the Void Sect’s disciples.

He stayed outside for a while before reentering the room.

All of the Void Sect’s disciples were dead in the room, leaving only Wilbert alive.

Even though Sky had killed all of the Void Sect’s disciples, Wilbert did not say a word and kept his mouth shut.

Ultimately, Sky did not hold back and ruthlessly murdered Wilbert.

After Wilbert fell to the ground, many people returned to their senses. Thomas stood up and said, “What have you done, Sky? How could you kill them all? You didn’t even leave one. Now that all of them are dead, where will we find out how to open the seal?”

Sky glanced at Thomas and said, ‘This old man watched his disciples’ tragic deaths but refused to budge. If I didn’t kill him, are we supposed to leave a possible threat to us in the future?”

Sky was decisive.

He killed every one of the Void Sect’s disciples.

Sky showed no hesitation to kill others.

A martial artist asked, “What should we do now?

“We don’t even know what the Sealed Realm is and won’t be able to obtain more information now that the Void Sect’s members are dead. Since they could come to Earth, more powerful people from the Sealed Realm will surely appear in the future.”


“What do we do now?”

Everyone began to discuss.

James looked at Tyrus and asked, “Uncle, what should we do now?”

Many people’s eyes turned to Tyrus and waited for his answer.

Some people also asked the Blood Race’s opinion.

The strongest people present were the Blood Race’s Grand Patriarch and Tyrus.

Since ancient times, strong people were respected and had the right to make decisions.

Kaiden of the Blood Race replied, “I don’t know anything about the Sealed Realm. Since James knew about its existence, he must know more about it. You should be asking him.”


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