The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1882

Chapter 1882

Hearing this, many people cast their gazes at James.

James shrugged, expressing that he had no idea too.

Tyrus stepped forward and said, “From my understanding, the Sealed Realm is located on Mount Bane, and the Void Sect came to Earth through the sealed gateway. We should find and guard the seal blocking off the

Sealed Realm. If outsiders come through the sealed gateway to Earth, we’ll kill them without mercy.”

James stood up and ordered, “Mhm. Everyone, search the area and find the seal’s location.”

Everyone dispersed and began to search Mount Bane.

Although Mount Bane was vast, the unknown mountains that appeared were restricted and blocked off.

There were very few mountains they could search.

Thus, it would be easy for them to find the seal.

Soon, the seal’s location was identified.

It was located in an empty area on Mount Bane’s peak.

In the center of the area was an altar.

The altar was bizarre and was made with loess. The Grand Extremity and Eight Trigram were engraved on the altar.

Around the Grand Extremity and Eight Trigram, there were four mysterious stone carvings.

James stood at a distance and inspected the carving.

He remembered that the Omniscient Deity had mentioned the four keys had to be placed on the four-sided diagram to open the seal.

“Is this the seal?” James murmured doubtfully.

He walked over and stood in the center of the altar.

James squatted down and looked at the messy soil on the altar. He attempted to pick up the soil but could not do so. He was surprised.

“What a strange place.”

Everyone gathered around the altar and scrutinized the foursided diagram carved on the altar. They began to discuss it for a while but could not figure it out.

James also carefully inspected the altar.

The place was unusual, and the Empyrean Spiritual Energy was abundant.

James could sense Empyrean Spiritual Energy continuously oozing out from the altar into their atmosphere and dispersing into all parts of the Earth.

He was sure the altar was the source of the Earth’s Empyrean Spiritual Energy. James approached Tyrus.

Seeing that Tyrus was also inspecting the altar, he could not help asking, “Uncle, have you found anything?”

Tyrus shook his head slightly and said, “I haven’t grasped anything yet. How am I supposed to understand it when it’s a seal that has existed since ancient times?”

“What did Grandfather go to do? If he were here, he would’ve been able to find some clues.”

Tyrus replied, “Father has gone to slaughter the phoenix.”

“What?” James was taken aback.

Kill the phoenix?

Tyrus said hushedly, “My father already guessed that the Void Sect had come from the Sealed Realm. In the future, there may be more martial artists appearing on Earth. The phoenix’s blood grants one immortality, so

Father has gone to slay it to prevent its blood from falling into the hands of Outsiders.”

“Isn’t one already immortal after reaching the ninth rank? Does reaching this rank not grant one immortality?”

Tyrus smiled and explained, “The ninth-rank being called Immortality is just a title. If ninth-ranked grandmasters were immortal, there must’ve been people who’d reached the rank in Sol’s thousands of years of history. However, why aren’t there any immortals?”

Those who reached the rank had a much longer lifespan than ordinary martial artists, but there was an upper Limit.

He continued to explain, “The blood of the Four Holy Beasts can grant immortality, but not all of them. Apart from the Spirit Turtle’s blood, the dragon, phoenix, and qilin’s blood can give one immortality.

“And it’s highly likely the Omniscient Deity had slaughtered the qilin.

“Right now, only the phoenix is alive. Father has learned about the injured phoenix’s whereabouts from King Quavon’s Mausoleum, which is why he rushed overseas right after the changes began taking place on Mount Bane.”

James asked, “Why can’t the Spirit Turtle’s blood grant one immortality? It’s also one of the Four Holy Beasts.”

Tyrus expression became solemn after hearing the question.

“From my understanding, the Four Holy Beasts came from the Sealed Realm. Their blood is supposed to be gentle, but the Spirit Turtle’s blood is bizarre. King Quavon left a message that Earth’s ancestors left the Four

Holy Beasts as a gift to their descendants. They did it so Earth’s martial artists would become stronger.However, people from the Sealed Realm interfered and caused the Four Holy Beasts to go through the Four Calamities.”

“Huh?” James was stunned


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