The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1883

Chapter 1883

Unfortunately, Tyrus was not sure what the so-called Four Calamities were.

This was the information left by King Quanvon in his mausoleum.

Tyrus only knew human ancestors on Earth left the Four Holy Beasts, which seemed connected to ancestry conflicts and disputes. However, the Outsiders had tampered with them.

Tyrus explained the things he knew.

James had never heard of these things before and was surprised.

The Omniscient Deity was right. In reality, the Earth they knew was just a fraction of the whole world.

After the two chatted for a while, they continued to study the altar and the four-sided diagram on Mount Bane.

The diagram was strange. From a distance, it looked to be in the shape of the Four Holy

Beasts, but a portion was missing.


Just when everyone was inspecting the altar, a sizzling sound came from it.

Shortly after, a dazzling light burst out from the altar.

Everyone was startled and quickly retreated to the distance.

They stood afar and closely watched the changes in the altar.

The altar boomed with light.

Then, it began to spin.

As it moved, a void appeared in the sky.

The void looked as if someone had split open the sky with a sword.

As the gap formed, everyone saw the mountains, rivers, and lands inside the void.


Suddenly, several figures flashed out of the void.

The altar came to a stop.

Several unexpected visitors appeared on Mount Bane.

Everyone drew their weapons, prepared to face the enemies.

Five people appeared.

A charismatic young woman with exquisite features and fair skin, about one hundred and eighty centimeters tall, stood in the lead. She wore a purple dress and a purple flower crown and held a long sword.

James recognized one of the people following her.

It was the Void Sect’s senior disciple, Kaj.

Apart from him, James did not know the rest.

The woman hovered about Mount Bane and inspected the people before her.

Standing behind her, Kaj’s face became solemn upon seeing the people in front of them.

He whispered, “Grand Priestess Juniper, the Earth’s martial artists being here means they’ve already attacked, and our sect’s disciples sent to guard this place have already been killed.”

The woman in a purple dress was the Void Sect’s Grand Priestess.

The Grand Priestess had a high status in Void Sect, only second to the Sect Leader.

Her name was Juniper Waseem.

She held great strength.

None of the seniors were on par with her in the Sealed Realm where she came from.

Even in the Void Sect, she was only inferior to the Sect Leader and a few elders.

The Earth’s martial artists stared at the few unexpected visitors on Mount Bane.

James gripped the Primordial Dragon Blade and whispered,” Uncle, they don’t have good intentions.”

Tyrus gestured for James to not act recklessly.

Juniper stepped off the altar and looked at everyone.

Her eyes were crystal clear, and a faint smile appeared on her beautiful face. It looked as if she were harmless, but everyone’s blood ran cold upon meeting her eyes. Her gaze was like a cold abyss, and it made them shiver.

Kaj followed behind the Grand Priestess and glared at James and the others in front of them, asking coldly, “Where are our sect’s disciples?”

“I killed them.”

There was no fear in Sky’s eyes as he looked at the people that appeared.

So what if they came from the Sealed Realm? No matter how strong they were, there were only a few of them. He did not believe the few of them could pose a threat.


Hearing this, Kaj’s face darkened.

“Your Holiness, please kill these sinners and avenge our disciples.”

Juniper’s expression remained calm, showing neither joy nor sorrow. It was hard to tell what was on her mind.

She slowly stepped forward in a graceful manner


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