The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1884

Chapter 1884

She looked ethereal as her dress swayed and her long hair fluttered.

‘You killed our sect’s disciples?”

Juniper glanced at the crowd. She spoke nonchalantly but emanated a domineering aura.

‘Yeah, so what?”

Holding onto his long sword, Sky’s face darkened as he replied, “You’re on Earth right now, not the Sealed Realm. You better be powerful if you dare to cause trouble on Earth.”

After speaking, Sky’s body flickered, and he charged at Juniper rapidly.

Juniper remained calm.

Before Sky’s attack could land. Juniper gently raised her hand and swung her sleeves. A powerful force swept forward and blasted Sky away.


His body fell in the distance and slammed into the ground, causing dust to billow up into the sky.


The Earth’s martial artists were shocked.

Even James had a solemn look.

He knew Sky was a ninth-ranked grandmaster.

Although he did not break through the rank through his own efforts and could not sense

Empyrean Spiritual Energy, he still possessed a ninth-ranked grandmaster’s strength.

Sky had launched a head-on attack but was blasted away.

His body crashed into the ground, and he spurted out a mouthful of blood.

He wanted to stand up, but his whole body was in excruciating pain, and he shouted in pain.

Everyone went silent after hearing his pained growls.

At that moment, everyone understood that the woman before them was powerful.

She was much more potent than Wilbert.

After Sky’s defeat, no one dared to challenge her.

Even Kaiden and Tyrus remained silent.

The other martial artists could not sense Juniper’s energy, but the two of them had broken free from two shackles and were aware of her strength.

She was a Supernatural.

The two of them knew she was a powerful Supernatural from the energy emanating from her.

“Where are they?” Juniper asked coldly.

Although her voice was calm, it rumbled in everyone’s ears like thunder.

Even James’ eardrums went numb from it, and he stumbled backward.


Juniper suddenly unsheathed her long sword.

Everyone frantically stepped backward.

Only Tyrus stepped forward and approached Juniper.

Even though he knew Juniper was a Supernatural, he replied, “The Void Sect’s disciples were indeed killed.”


Juniper’s lips parted, and she uttered a word.

After speaking, she quickly made a move.

She inched closer to Tyrus instantly.

Tyrus’s expression darkened, and he wanted to counter the attack, but it was already too late.

Juniper’s sword gave him no time to react. The long sword pierced into his chest.

Then, she raised her hand and struck Tyrus.

Tyrus’ body was sent flying, and he plummeted to the ground, unable to get back to his feet.


James’ expression darkened, and he rushed over. He squatted down and checked Tyrus’ injuries.

The sword had pierced through his chest.

However, it was not a lethal injury as he was of a high rank.

However, Juniper’s palm attack was terrifyingly strong, shattering all of the meridians in

Tyrus’ body.

James immediately took out Crucifier and treated Tyrus’ injuries.

After inserting a few needles, Tyrus’ injuries were stabilized.

‘You damned sinners.”

“How dare you kill our sect’s disciples?”

‘Your Holiness, hurry and kill them all!”

The accompanying Void Sect’s disciples urged furiously.


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