The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1885

Chapter 1885

The Void Sect’s disciples spoke one after another.

They urged their Grand Priestess to kill James and the other martial artists.

None of the Earth’s martial artists dared to speak out, as even Tyrus was defeated in one move. Whoever stepped out now would be attacked.

Juniper held her long sword and looked at the martial artists before her.

“Since you’ve killed the Void Sect’s disciples, I’ll take your lives.”

Juniper spoke slowly.

Her tone was calm but carried unquestionable resolution. She had to kill these people to avenge her sect’s disciples.


At that moment, a figure flickered.

A person appeared on Mount Bane’s peak.

The person looked young, seemingly around his twenties or thirties. He was dressed in a white robe and had black and white hair.

“Lord Omniscient.”

“It’s the Omniscient Deity.”

Seeing the person that showed up, the Earth’s martial artists were relieved.

If anyone were capable of fighting the Void Sect’s Grand Priestess, it would be the Prince of Orchid Mountain or the Omniscient Deity.

With the Omniscient Deity’s appearance, they knew their savior had arrived.

After the Omniscient Deity appeared, Juniper’s brows slightly furrowed together. She knew the man before her was strong.

With his hands behind him, the Omniscient Deity looked at Juniper and said, “Resolving conflict is better than letting it fester. Let’s put this behind us.”

“Put this behind us?”

Kaj stepped forward and said coldly, “Would you put it behind you if I killed your family?”

Juniper said softly. “The Void Sect did not attack earthlings after arriving on Earth. However, you took. advantage of your numbers and killed our disciples. How will I face my sect if I don’t avenge them?”

The Omniscient Deity knew he would have to engage in a fight against the Grand Priestess if he wanted to put an end to this matter.

With one hand still behind his back, he made a gesture to challenge Juniper with his other hand, saying, “If that’s the case, go ahead and attack. I’m looking forward to your profound skills.”

“Hmph!” Juniper snorted.


She attacked with her long sword.

Her silent sword caused a piercing voice through the air.

She moved with great speed. Even James was unable to see the sword’s trajectory clearly.

At that moment, James realized a Supernatural’s strength.

Although he was a ninth-ranked grandmaster, he had no chance of winning against a Supernatural.

Juniper appeared in front of the Omniscient Deity instantly.

The Omniscient Deity stood firmly in place, and a powerful energy erupted from his body, sending Juniper flying.

Juniper was forced backward, and she looked at the Omniscient Deity with fear.


Her face was filled with disbelief.

She could not believe there would be such a strong person on Earth.

The Omniscient Deity put his hands behind him again and said calmly, “We’ll end this matter here. Feel free to occupy Mount Bane if you wish. We promise not to step into Mount Bane before the seal opens.” Juniper had a hesitant expression.

She could not estimate the Omniscient Deity’s exact strength but was sure he was undoubtedly a Supernatural with a much stronger cultivation base than her.

Otherwise, she would not have been blasted away by his energy.

In the distance, those watching the scene trembled.

No one expected the Omniscient Deity to defeat Juniper with just one move.

After a brief contemplation, Juniper said, “If that’s the case, you all should leave the mountain. From today onward, anyone who trespasses Mount Bane will be killed without mercy.”

“Your Holiness! What’re you saying?”


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