The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1886

Chapter 1886

“They’ve killed so many of our disciples. How can we just let it go?”

The Void Sect’s disciples expressed their dissatisfaction.

Juniper glared at them.

Immediately, the disciples zipped their mouths and stopped talking.

The Omniscient Deity turned around and looked at the Earth’s martial artists. Then, he ordered, “Alright. Let’s head down the mountain. From today onward, never step foot onto Mount Bane again.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

Everyone followed suit.

James supported Tyrus up and left.

Another person also helped the wounded Sky up.

After James and the others left, Kaj asked, “Your Holiness, why didn’t you kill them and get rid of a future. threat?”

Juniper said solemnly, “He’s a formidable opponent. If we fought, I might not be his opponent. Even if I could kill him with my Supernatural Power, I would sustain severe injuries. There’s no need to rush it We’ll let them go for now. You must return again and inform our sect of the strength of the Earth’s martial artists. Ask them to come up with a way to send more powerhouses. Otherwise, I won’t be capable of suppressing them by myself.”

Juniper was afraid of the Omniscient Deity.

She had always been confident in her strength, but she could not afford to die in a battle against a martial artist from Earth at such a crucial moment.

Earth’s martial artists were weak.

Once the seal opened, they would become slaves.

Staying on Mount Bane, finding the four keys, and opening the seal were more important.

James and the others quickly descended Mount Bane,

“Are we really going to give up so easily?”

“Mount Bane is part of Earth, but it’s now occupied by a group of Outsiders. I can’t accept this.”

“Lord Omniscient, what should we do now?”

Many of them were still reluctant to leave.

The Omniscient Deity said, “Calm down, don’t do useless things. Instead, use the time to train.”

The injured Tyrus added on. “Yeah. We shouldn’t fight to our deaths with the Void Sect right now. Otherwise, we’re all going to get ourselves killed. We need to improve our strength as much as possible now. There are only ten more years before the seal opens. When that time comes, it’ll be a real doomsday apocalypse.”

The Omniscient Deity nodded lightly. “Mhm, he’s right. It’s just the beginning. Although Mount Bane would gain the most benefits, other mountains aren’t much inferior either. Train hard, or else Earth’s humans will really be annihilated in the future.”

After the Omniscient Deity finished speaking, he turned to leave.

Everyone also left reluctantly.

James left with Tyrus and headed to the nearby city’s military region. Then, they boarded their private plane and headed back to the Southern Plains.

On the plane back to Dragonville, James racked his brains.

“Uncle, are the people from the Sealed Realm all so powerful?”

Tyrus nodded and said solemnly. “The Sealed Realm isn’t just one place. It’s the collective name of countless dimensions, each of which is bigger than Earth.”

From Tyrus’ understanding, the Sealed Realm was a collective name for countless dimensions. These places were all sealed off but would merge with Earth after the seal opened.

“Some of these dimensions are occupied by humans.

“In some dimensions, there are no humans but ferocious beasts.

“There are also other forms of life living in some of these dimensions.

“Ultimately, it doesn’t change our fate. Once the seal is open, it will be an apocalypse for humans on Earth,” Tyrus spoke solemnly.

James sighed.

He thought himself to be strong and good enough to deal with any crisis. However, he realized how weak he actually was.


He clenched his fists.

James concluded he needed to break free from the three shackles as soon as possible and become a Supernatural. If possible, he wanted to become a Herculean, which Tyrus had mentioned.

Only by becoming a Herculean would he be capable of leading humanity through the crisis of extinction.


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