The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1887

Chapter 1887

How difficult was it to become a Supernatural martial artist?

Tyrus had lived for thousands of years but only broke free from the body’s second shackles, so it could be concluded that becoming a Supernatural was no easy feat.

Tyrus told James that cultivating in the past was challenging.

However, he said they were about to usher in the best age to cultivate. Once the seal opened, the earth’s Empyrean Spiritual Energy would recover, and it would be an excellent cultivation era.

Those who were lucky might obtain high-quality spiritual elixirs or fruits, allowing their strength to increase by leaps and bounds. A difficult breakthrough a thousand years ago would be possible with just some luck.

On the plane, James chatted with Tyrus for a long time.

While chatting, they eventually landed in the Southern Plains Military Region.

Tyrus left

James also went to Dragonville’s central area.

A palace would be built in the central area.

The palace would be the country’s base of operations for humankind.

The palace was already under construction.

Many construction workers were already getting to work.

The Black Dragon Palace was nearby.

Henry immediately came to report when James returned to the Black Dragon Palace.

“James, everything has been prepared. The palace’s construction is already underway. Dragonville’s citizens have been relocated into their arranged accommodations in various cities within Sol. Also, we’ve transferred sufficient workers from Sol, and the Black Dragon Palace will be demolished very soon,

“The military region will also be demolished and rebuilt. Everything will be built to a standard able to withstand doomsday.

“Development will start from the Southern Plains City and then the previous Dragonville city.

“Quincy has already settled here with large amounts of funds. The funds allocated for the first phase is five trillion dollars.”

Henry reported the latest updates to James.

“Alright.” James nodded gently.

Everything was on the right track.

Ten years would be enough time.

The only thing James feared was that the Earth would change within ten years.

There was a good reason for his concerns.

Changes have already occurred on Mount Bane, and unknown mountains have appeared. Moreover, a mysterious statue had also been discovered.

“What’s next, James?” asked Henry.

James replied, “Rectify the Black Dragon Army. Many unknown threats will appear in the future. Although the Black Dragon Army soldiers are brave, they’re still ordinary people. In a doomsday apocalypse, ordinary humans won’t be able to do much. I’ve decided to train them as martial artists.”

Surprised, Henry said, “What? This is the Black Dragon Army with millions of soldiers. How will we have enough teachers to guide millions of soldiers in cultivating?”

James replied, “We have the Mount Thunder Sect. Delainey has brought a lot of disciples to assist me.. We can divide the army into groups of a thousand people. One teacher per group should be enough.”

Now, James wanted to prepare for the worst.

Shortly afterward, he called Delainey.

Soon, Delainey arrived at the Black Dragon Palace.

Delainey was as beautiful as ever in a sky-blue dress and crystal earrings. In her hand was her sword. She was dazzling like a pure and innocent goddess that had descended to earth,

Delainey had reached the Skyward Stairway’s Ninth Stair’s peak and emanated with tremendous energy. “James.”

She walked inside and called out for James in a sweet and pleasant voice.

“Sit.” James pointed to the sofa.

Delainey sat down and asked, “You asked me to assist you, but it’s already been some time since I’ve brought my sect’s disciples to the Southern Plains. During this time, you’ve not arranged anything for us. By the way, what happened on your trip to Mount Bane?”

Delainey knew about the phenomenon that happened on Mount Bane.


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