The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1888

Chapter 1888

However, she was unaware of the details.

The phenomenon on Mount Bane had caused panic in Sol.

With modern technology, everyone easily came to know about the dazzling light rays from Mount Bane.

The country had sent troops to stand guard outside of the mountain. Since outsiders were not allowed to enter, no one knew what exactly happened.

Only a few dozen powerful martial artists knew the truth

Faced with Delainey’s question, James did not hide the truth and told her about the incident on Mount Bane.

Delainey asked solemnly, “Is the Void Sect truly so strong? Even Tyrus was defeated in one move?”

James nodded and said, “Although I don’t know the Void Sect’s Grand Priestess’ strength, I do know my uncle’s strength He’s already broken free from two shackles and is a formidable martial artist. From the fight, I’m assuming the Grand Priestess’ cultivation base is of a Supernatural’s.

“On Earth, only two people have become Supernatural martial artists

“One is my grandfather, the Prince of Orchid Mountain, and the other is the Jade Sect’s Omniscient Deity.” James explained worriedly.

“Also, from what I learned, the Sealed Realm is a multidimensional space, and the Void Sect came from one of them. When the seal opens, these dimensions will merge with the earth, and it’ll really be a doomsday apocalypse.”

James told her about the predicted future.

Now, there were still ten years or so before it was to happen.

James shared his plan with Delainey

He wanted to train the Black Dragon Army into an invincible army.

“Mhm, no problem. Leave it to me.”

Delainey did not hesitate and nodded in agreement. She vowed, “T’ll do my absolute best to train the Black Dragon Army and strive to have millions of your soldiers reach the fifth rank within ten years.”

James was relieved with Delainey’s word of assurance.

Shortly after, Delainey left.

James leaned into the sofa and rested.

Soon, he received a call from Thea.

“Honey, what happened on Mount Bane? The whole country, no, the whole world, has been discussing it in the past few days. There’s an army guarding Mount Bane, and outsiders cannot check out the situation”

Thea was looking after their child in Cansington.

The strange phenomenon on Mount Bane had gone viral globally and, naturally, fell on her ears.

James explained the incident on Mount Bane to Thea.

Hearing this, Thea was terrified.

She was not expecting unknown mountains to have already appeared in Mount Bane.

“Honey, you have to be careful.”

Thea was worried something would happen to James.

James replied smilingly, “It’ll be alright. The world is relatively peaceful right now. We still have ten years left before the doomsday apocalypse befalls us.”

“Alright. I shouldn’t keep you any longer.”

Thea knew James would get distracted if they talked for too long.

Thus, she hung up the phone.

James continued to sit in a daze.

His main concern was to improve his strength.

He stayed in the Southern Plains for a while.

The Southern Plains City was already planning the construction layout

Currently, they had one hundred thousand people working throughout the Southern Plains City. The buildings were being demolished to be rebuilt.

James also temporarily moved out of the Southern Plains City and was staying in Dragonville,

A few days later, Tyrus came to visit.

“Father is back.”

Tyrus told him that Langston, who had traveled overseas, had returned.

Tyrus said, “Father has killed the phoenix according to the clues left by King Quavon. He has returned to the Southern Plains with the phoenix’s blood and asked you to head to Mt. Thunder Pass”


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