The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1892

Chapter 1892

James asked.

Langston told him that those who possessed the Supreme Spiritual Root would be able to sense the presence of Empyrean Spiritual Energy much more easily than ordinary people.

“Huh? I can’t.”

Delainey said.

She was shocked that James asked her this question.

“You can’t?”

James froze.

That could not be.

Delainey was a bright and brilliant figure who possessed enormous potential in martial arts. Did she not possess the Supreme Spiritual Root?

“Have you consumed the Dragon Essence?” James asked.

Delainey shook her head. There’s only so little Dragon Essence available. There’s no way I could get my hands on it. I only consumed the dragon’s blood.”

“Did you experience anything unusual after consuming the dragon’s blood?”

Upon hearing this, Delainey’s expression turned grim as she nodded and said, “Indeed, I have. Sometimes, I’ll have violent tendencies. At times, I’ll have stronger than usual possessiveness and a desire to gain power.”

Saying that, she glanced at James. Upon seeing that James was looking her in the eye, she hurriedly averted her gaze and blushed.

“That’s all?”

James froze.

Anyone would have these desires upon consuming the dragon’s blood.

Delainey nodded slightly and said, “Yes.”

“How about this? Come with me to Mount Thunder Pass, and I’ll teach you how to sense Empyrean Spiritual Energy.”

James said.

He remembered that Thea only managed to sense the presence of Empyrean Spiritual Energy after he gave her some guidance, Based on his speculation, even those who possessed the Supreme Spiritual Root would require some teaching and guidance. Without proper guidance, they would not be able to sense the presence of Empyrean Spiritual Energy by themselves.

“Sure thing.”

Delainey nodded.

Then, James headed toward Mount Thunder Pass alongside Delainey. He planned to enter a closed-door meditation there for some time to absorb the Phoenix Essence’s power in an attempt to make a breakthrough

At the peak of Mount Thunder Pass….

James sat in a lotus position while Delainey sat opposite him. Her wavy black hair flowed in the air, and her charisma only served to accentuate her impeccable beauty.

James explained in detail how he had gained insight into the Lunar and Terra Art to Delainey. He even shared the breathing method recorded inside the Lunar and Terra Art with her.

Delainey listened intently.

She could not help but praise James, “You really are a genius, James! How did you manage to gain insight into such a profound cultivation method? This is unbelievable!”

James smiled bitterly and said, “You flatter me. I learned these things from somewhere else. By the way. try doing it the way I told you.”


Delainey said.

Soon, she could sense the presence of Empyrean Spiritual Energy and began using the breathing method taught by James to absorb the energy

Meanwhile, James sat by the side and scrutinized the Phoenix Essence.

In just half an hour, he noticed that a faint light was beginning to envelop Delainey’s body. He also sensed the powerful Empyrean Spiritual Energy in her surroundings.


He was stunned.

Callan failed no matter how hard he tried.

Delainey, on the other hand, managed to gain insight into the essence of the Lunar and Terra Art in such a short amount of time. Now, she had even begun absorbing Empyrean Spiritual Energy.

“She really is a genius.”

James could not help but be amazed.


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