The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1893

Chapter 1893

Delainey was a fast learner, In a short amount of time, she managed to gain insight into the Lunar and Terra Art’s essence and even absorb Empyrean Spiritual Energy.

So, James left her to her own devices and entered a closed-door meditation.

Now, everything had been taken care of in Dragonville, and there was nothing unusual going on inside Mount Bane.

Before he entered closed-door meditation, he gave Thea, who remained in Cansington, a call.

“Thea, Grandfather gave me Phoenix Essence. So, I’m planning to enter a closed door meditation for some time. If there’s an emergency, come to Mount Thunder Pass of the Southern Plains straight away.” James told her his location.

Thea’s voice came from the phone, “Don’t worry. Everything’s fine here. I’ll take good care of our child.”

“Alright then, I’m hanging up the phone.”

James hung up the phone.

Then, he took out the Phoenix Essence.

There were two ways to refine the Phoenix Essence, One, he could choose to consume it right away. Two, he could absorb it.

James chose the latter.

The Phoenix Essence levitated in his palms as he extended his arm, and he catalyzed the Lunar and Terra”

At that moment, the Phoenix Essence radiated a red glow.

The red glow entered James’ body and transformed into pure, concentrated energy. Then, James refined and absorbed the energy, transforming it into the purest True Energy he had ever seen.

Now, there were two forms of True Energy inside his body-Lunar Energy and Terra Energy. They were also known as Sky Energy and Ground Energy respectively, or otherwise known as True Heavenly Energy and True Demonic Energy

As the Phoenix Essence possessed terrifying energy, James’ True Energy was drastically boosted immediately. Then, he began absorbing the Phoenix Essence’s power in earnest.

Soon, a month passed.

Though Delainey had stopped cultivating, she did not leave but instead remained and watched James’ cultivation.

Over the past month, James’ aura steadily grew. After absorbing the Phoenix Essence’s energy for a month, his True Energy reached an unbelievable level.

There were three shackles in the ninth rank that each constrained the blood, flesh, and bones. Only by acquiring certain strength could one sense their presence.

Currently, James had sensed the presence of the shackle constraining his blood veins.

He stopped absorbing the Phoenix Essence. Though he had spent a month absorbing the Phoenix Essence, he only managed to absorb ten percent of it.

Peering into his body, he could clearly see a shapeless shackle constraining his blood veins.

“Is this the shackle?”

James murmured.

Upon seeing James stop. Delainey walked over to him and asked, “How’s your cultivation, James?”

James collected himself and looked at Delainey before him, nodding. “I guess it went well. I can already sense the presence of the first shackle inside my body.”


Intrigued, she asked, “How does the shackle look like?”

James could not describe the shackle with words. He thought about it and said, “Though my blood veins possess enormous power, they are constrained by the shackle. As such, I can’t use my full strength. Once I break free from the shackle, a powerful energy will burst forth from my blood.”

As James had consumed the dragon’s blood, he did not know if the power inside his blood veins was actually his or the dragon’s.

The shackles were a mysterious existence.


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