The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1894

Chapter 1894

The shackles were akin to that of DNA strands constraining his blood cells. It was an explicable feeling that no human language could describe.

“By the way, how did your cultivation go?” James asked.

Delainey said, “It’s alright, I guess. After absorbing Empyrean Spiritual Energy, my body has begun undergoing changes. However, my True Energy has remained stagnant. I think I need time before being able to reach the ninth rank.”

James said, “Spiritual Energy is now abundant everywhere. You may come across some mutated berries while taking a stroll in pristine forests. Mount Thunder Pass is one such place. Take a walk nearby, and you might be able to come across such berries if you are fortunate. Soon, you’ll make a breakthrough into the ninth rank.”

“But, I’ve been here for a month. I want to return to the military region to have a look at the situation.” James nodded. “Sure thing

Delainey did not linger for long and hurriedly left.

Meanwhile, James continued cultivating.

Now, he could sense the shackle of the blood. This meant that he had reached a certain level where he could make a breakthrough. Then, he catalyzed True Lunar and Terra Energy, which swiftly entered his body. As powerful True Energy gushed through his body, his blood began churning. Then, under the destruction of True Energy, the invisible shackles inside his blood began to disintegrate.

Crack! Crack!

As the shackles disintegrated, James’ aura grew increasingly powerful. He could feel a terrifying power bursting forth from within his blood that was comparable to his True Lunar and Terra Energy.

“I-Is this my strength after breaking free from the first shackle?”

Sensing the terrifying power gushing through his body, he clenched his fists. Immediately, the power of his blood was catalyzed, and a red glow radiated from his palm.

He punched the air with his fists, and powerful energy shredded through the air and struck the mountain range in the distance.


The mountains collapsed into nothingness.

“What power…”

James could not help but exclaim.

Such destructive power just from the power of his blood alone…. What would happen if he combined it with his True Energy? If he acquired such strength just by breaking free from the first shackle, how terrifying would it be if he broke free of the second and third shackles and crossed into the Supernatural?

He took a deep breath.

Sitting in a lotus position on the ground, he hurriedly catalyzed Ataraxia to calm himself down. Then, he continued absorbing the Phoenix Essence.

Currently, he had only absorbed ten percent of the Phoenix Essence’s power. Absorbing the entirety of the Phoenix Essence would certainly allow him to break free from the other two shackles and even cross into the Supernatural.

After activating the power of his blood, his absorption speed increased once more. This time, both his True Energy and the power of his blood increased. At the same time, the power of his blood filled his body and nourished his bones and muscles.

His body was undergoing drastic changes.

At the same time, his baby was already one month old in Cansington. As the Callahans were an influential family in Cansington and even the entirety of Sol, Thea hired a maternity nurse to take care of her child.

Originally, Thea wanted to nurture her child by herself. However, after knowing that a catastrophe awaited mankind in the future, she wanted to help James out.

In the foyer of the Callahans’ villa…

“Dad, Mom… I’ll leave Winnie in your care”

Thea looked at the baby poignantly

Unwilling to deprive her child of motherly care, she was reluctant to leave.

However, she really wanted to help James

Gladys held Winnie in her embrace and said smilingly, “Go on, Thea. Leave everything to us.”


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