The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1895

Chapter 1895

Mount Stratmark was a renowned mountain range located far away at the north pole, whose peak was covered in snow all year round.

At the moment, a group of men in black robes were kneeling on the ground as if awaiting the arrival of someone of great importance..


At that moment, space was distorted. A crevice appeared in the sky, and a man walked out of the crevice and levitated in mid-air. He was a handsome-looking man wearing a white robe, and the aura he exuded was so imposing that the snow-capped mountains collapsed into rubble. At the same time, the snow melted and turned into a cascading waterfall.

“Greetings, Your Holiness!”

The men greeted in unison.

The man descended from the sky and landed steadily on the ground.

Wearing a composed expression on his face, he looked at the group of men and asked coldly, “How’s the situation on Earth?”

“Your Holiness, the situation remains stable at the moment. The seal’s showing signs of loosening. Besides, cultivators from the other Sealed Realms have appeared on Earth and conquered Mount Bane, the location of the seal. Meanwhile, an unknown statue has been erected on Mount Bane. Based on our speculation, it should be the ancestor of the earthlings.”

A man wearing a black robe spoke.

“We came at just the right time.”

The man addressed by the group of men as His Holiness smiled faintly.

He came from a Sealed Realm called the Overworld, and he was a Grand Priest of an influential sect in the Overworld

According to the ancient text of his clan, the seal on Earth was about to activate. Once this came to pass, every Sealed Realm would merge with Earth. By then, countless opportunities would present themselves.

To seize control of Earth, his sect went to great lengths to send him here. Prior to him, the sect had sent many here in advance. As such, these men in black robes had been here for decades, gathering intelligence while remaining hidden. As their cultivation bases were weaker, the sect could send them here much more easily.

“How’s the situation here? Are there powerful figures on Earth? Who were the ones who conquered Mount Bane?” The Grand Priest asked.

“Your Holiness, the earthlings are weak and ordinary. Though there are approximately eight billion of them, there are only about a few hundred thousand martial artists out there. Besides, most of them are weak and insignificant. To my understanding, there are only a handful of powerful figures out there. One of them is the Omniscient Deity, who’s rumored to have lived for two thousand years. He must be at least at the Supernatural stage. Similarly, a man named Langston Lafleur, also known as the Prince of Orchid Mountain, has also crossed into the Supernatural stage. There are two who have broken free of their shackles and around ten who have crossed into the ninth rank. Not only that, but there are also around thirty people who have reached peak Ninth Stair.”

The man narrated the situation on Earth to the Grand Priest

“As for Mount Bane… A sect called the Void Sect appeared out of nowhere and conquered the mountain. Though I don’t know which Sealed Realm they came from, they must have come from a Greater Realm judging by how they appeared at the location of the seal. They possess great knowledge regarding the seal. Perhaps their sect also has a seal that’s merged with the one on Earth.

“The Void Sect has a Grand Priestess whom the earthlings could do nothing against. We surmise that she could also be in the Supernatural stage.”

Hearing this, a smile crept up on the Grand Priest’s face.


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