The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1896

Chapter 1896

Even the strongest of them all was at the Supernatural stage….

How weak!

“What should we do now, Your Holiness?”

A man asked.

The Grand Priest contemplated for a brief moment before saying, “I brought the Five-Colored Holy Stones here this time to fortify the seal. This will prevent those from the other realms to travel here through the seal. First, we’ll annihilate the Void Sect on Mount Bane and seize the mountain for ourselves. Then, we’ll fortify the seal while searching for the four keys at the same time. Once an opportune moment shows itself, we’ll activate the seal. In the meantime, I’ll conquer Earth to prepare for my sect’s future endeavors here.”


“Alright now, stand up and talk.”

Only then did the men stand up.

Meanwhile, the Grand Priest left Mount Stratmark and headed to Sol alongside his entourage.

At that moment, Thea left Cansington and embarked on a journey to Dragonville in the Southern Plains. At the same time, a handsome-looking man in a white suit was presented with a photograph. Your Holiness, the man in the photograph goes by the name of James Caden. He’s a well-renowned figure on Earth who has crossed into the ninth rank. Meanwhile, his grandfather is Langston Lafleur, the Prince of Orchid Mountain, whereas his wife is a genius by the name of Thea Callahan. Though she only began cultivating a few years ago, she’s reached the peak of the Ninth Stair and is only a step away from reaching the ninth rank.”

A man in a black robe explained.

The man in the white suit was the Grand Priest of an influential sect in the Overworld.

He was now heading in the direction of Mount Bane.

Upon hearing this, he could not help but exclaim, “She managed to acquire such strength in just a few short years?!”

The Grand Priest was a genius himself. Even with the abundant resources in his sect, he still spent decades to reach the peak of the Ninth Stair. How could he not be bewildered upon hearing that someone on Earth, a place deprived of Spiritual Energy, had managed to come this far in just a few short years?

“Indeed, this is a miracle. Just a few years ago, the martial artists on Earth were even weaker and more insignificant than they currently are. They didn’t even have an eighth-rank martial artist. However, with the slaying of the Spirit Turtle and the dragon, their power was boosted drastically”


Upon hearing this, the Grand Priest cackled.

The Four Holy Beasts were left behind by the sinful ancestor of the earthlings. Though he intended for them to emerge as a great force, this was in fact a trap. The earthlings will never rise. Only catastrophe awaits them.”

The Grand Priest then put those thoughts aside.

The Four Holy Beasts were planted with Demonic Energy, something that would bring about a great catastrophe to mankind.

The Grand Priest continued on his journey toward Mount Bane.

At the same time, Thea arrived at Mount Thunder Pass in the Southern Plains.

Wearing a black dress while holding the Malevolent Sword in her hand, she gazed at the mountain range in the distance. She could sense terrifying energy emanating from the peak of the mountain.

She remained where she stood as the wind blew. After collecting herself, she took a step forward. Immediately, she appeared a hundred meters away. In just a few steps, she had reached the foot of the mountain.

Soon, she arrived at the peak of Mount Thunder Pass.

The moment she arrived, she could see James, who was in the midst of refining the Phoenix Essence while sitting in a lotus position on the ground.

Unable to hold back her yearning for him, she rushed over to him and cried out, “Darling!”

James had broken free of the first shackle. Just as he was in the midst of absorbing the Phoenix Essence’s power, a voice came from behind and interrupted his cultivation. Upon turning his head and seeing Thea who was holding the Malevolent Sword in her hand, he immediately stood up. Then, he walked over to her and grabbed her hands excitedly. “What brings you here, Thea?”


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