The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1898

Chapter 1898

Thea, on the other hand, had long crossed into the ninth rank after absorbing the power of the Phoenix Essence. Besides, she was close to sensing the existence of the first shackle inside her body.

James sat in a lotus position at the peak of Mount Thunder Pass, exuding a powerful aura.

At that moment, he stopped cultivating.

Thea followed suit and glanced at James, asking, “What’s wrong?”

James said, “I can sense the second shackle.”


Thea was overjoyed.

James sighed. “The Phoenix Essence is too powerful, If I cultivated one step at a time, I wouldn’t have been able to sense the second shackle for another ten years.”

Thea cheered him on, “You can do this!”

At that moment, Delainey walked toward them. Though she had been wandering about inside the mountains over the past three months, she could not find any berry imbued with Empyrean Spiritual Energy. In the meantime, however, she wasted no time and cultivated non-stop. Although she did not absorb the Phoenix Essence’s power, there was plenty of Empyrean Spiritual Energy in the air. After a few months of hard work, her True Energy also increased. Based on her current speed, she would be able to cross into the ninth rank in no time.

Upon hearing their conversation, she walked toward them and said smilingly, “Congratulations, James.” James smiled and looked at her, asking. “Did you manage to find anything?”

She shook her head. “No…”

“In that case, let’s absorb the Phoenix Essence’s power together.” James said.

Even though the Phoenix Essence was now half in size, there was still plenty for everyone.


Delainey was overjoyed.

“Mhm.” James nodded.

“Thank you so much, James,” Delainey said in appreciation.

Meanwhile, James sat in a lotus position and began sensing the insides of his body.

The first shackle constrained the blood vessels, whereas the second shackle constrained the flesh. He could clearly sense the presence of countless shackles sealing the enormous power hidden in his flesh away.

He catalyzed True Energy, which entered his flesh. In an instant, the shackles disintegrated.


Explosion sounds could be heard coming from inside his body, while his muscles twitched non-stop. With every twitch of his muscle, a shackle was destroyed. With that, powerful energy burst forth from inside his body. The aura he exuded grew increasingly terrifying that even Thea and Delainey hurriedly retreated

This lasted for a whole week.

A week later, James dispersed his aura and slowly stood up. As he clenched his fists, terrifying power came from inside his flesh. This was a brute force that originated from his flesh and not his True Energy. At that moment, he felt he could shatter a mountain and shake the earth with a single punch.

Thea and Delainey, who were watching from afar, walked over to him. Sensing the aura he exuded, Thea said, “Congratulations on breaking the second shackle, Darling”

James shook his head slightly and said, “Although I’ve broken the second shackle, I’m still far too weak at the moment. I’m still a distance away from crossing into the Supernatural stage. There’s no way I’d stand a chance against the likes of the Void Sect’s Grand Priestess and Conrad Titus, the Grand Priest. I still have much work to do.”

Thea handed him the Phoenix Essence and said, “I can now sense the presence of the first shackle. This is more than enough for me. By refining the remainder of the Phoenix Essence, you should be able to break the third shackle and cross into the Supernatural stage.”


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