The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1899

Chapter 1899

Thea had no plans of absorbing the remaining Phoenix Essence. That was because she wanted James to reach even greater heights.

Delainey, who had absorbed some of the Phoenix Essence, also had her True Energy boosted. Now, she believed she had gathered enough power to cross into the ninth rank.

“The same goes for me, James.”


James nodded.

Greater energy would be needed at later stages of cultivation. Hence, the remaining Phoenix Essence should only be enough for James alone to break the third shackle.

James continued cultivating. Meanwhile, since the ladies had nothing else to do, they chose to leave and head to Dragonville.

Soon, two months passed.

James had been in a closed-door meditation on Mount Thunder Pass for almost six months now. His strength had drastically increased.

One night on Mount Bane…


Thunder struck an old tree and disintegrated it. However, at that moment, a seed began to germinate and flourish at the roots of the tree. Almost immediately, a sprout possessing concentrated Empyrean Spiritual Energy emerged.

Upon sensing the presence of such a majestic Empyrean Spiritual Energy, Conrad hurriedly rushed over to the tree and watched from a distance.

Under his gaze, the sprout soon grew to become a gigantic tree ten several meters in height.

The speed was unbelievable. It only took less than ten minutes for the seed to grow into a tree.

Conrad was utterly stunned.

“Just as I imagined, many opportunities present themselves on Earth. Such a magical phenomenon even before the seal is activated… And this tree, such concentrated and majestic Empyrean Spiritual Energy… I’ve never seen something like this even in the Otherworld. The berry this tree bears will be unbelievable.”

Conrad looked forward to that day.

Under his gaze, a berry with purple petals bloomed. Then, a purple glare soared to the sky and illuminated the pitch-black sky.

Next, an alluring fragrance that contained majestic Empyrean Spiritual Energy permeated the air.


Upon seeing this, Conrad roared in laughter.

Even though humans stayed far away from Mount Bane after coming to an agreement with the Void Sect, there were still many martial artists lurking in the vicinity. So, the intriguing phenomenon immediately attracted their attention.

On Mount Thunder Pass…

Thea hurriedly rushed over to James. “Something happened, Darling!”

Hearing this, James stopped his cultivation and looked at her, asking,” What’s wrong? What happened?”

Thea said, “A bizarre phenomenon occurred on Mount Bane last night. A purple light illuminated the night sky, and there was an alluring fragrance in the air near the mountain. This created a huge sensation. Many martial artists from around the globe are making their way there as we speak.”

Upon hearing this, James furrowed his eyebrows.

Thea continued, “There are rumors that a mysterious berry has appeared on Mount Bane.”

James was not surprised at all. After all, Mount Bane was the location of the seal. The Empyrean Spiritual Energy in its vicinity was many times greater than that of the outside world.

“Darling, are you not going to have a look?” Thea asked.

James really did not wish to go. That was because he had yet to sense the presence of the third shackle. Even if he went, he would not stand a chance against the Void Sect’s Grand Priestess and Conrad Titus, the Grand Priest.

However, he could not allow his opponents to obtain the berry.He had no other choice but to go.


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