The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1900

Chapter 1900

Even if he stood no chance against them, he had to go regardless. Perhaps he might gain something out of this.

“Let’s go.”

After brief contemplation, he stood up and said with determination in his eyes, “No matter what, I have to go.”

“Mhm.” Thea nodded.

Soon, the two hurriedly left.

Upon returning to Dragonville, James stored the remaining Phoenix Essence away and boarded a private plane headed to Mount Bane alongside Thea.

The trip to Mount Bane only took three hours. When they arrived at the foot of the mountain, it was only eleven in the morning.

Currently, a thin mist enveloped the mountain range. At the same time, the mist radiated a glimmering light. James knew that this light came from the magical-looking statue. Meanwhile, a purple light could be seen at a place not too far away. Although they were a distance away from Mount Bane, James could still sense the alluring fragrance and the powerful energy imbued in it. A single sniff was enough to make one lose concentration.

“How magical…”

James murmured.

By the time he arrived, there were already many martial artists gathered at the foot of Mount Bane. However, none of them dared take a single step forward. That was because the Void Sect’s Grand Priestess had already warned that trespassers would be killed on the spot. Although she had been chased away from Mount Bane, no one dared to trespass when faced against Conrad Titus.

At that moment, a group of people arrived.

In the lead was a glamorous-looking woman wearing a green dress.

Holding a sword in her hand, she exuded a charismatic aura. Behind her were a few disciples of the Void Sect.

She was Juniper Waseem, the Grand Priestess of the Void Sect.

Though she noticed James and Thea from the corner of her eye, she paid no heed to them. To her, apart from Langston Lafleur and the Omniscient Deity, no one else was worth her attention.

“Your Holiness, can you smell the fragrance? What powerful Empyrean Spiritual Energy! This is a great treasure,” Kay said excitedly upon gazing at the purple light in the distance.

Meanwhile, Juniper was wearing a solemn expression. Though a treasure had appeared on Mount Bane, she stood no chance against Conrad. How would she seize the treasure for herself?

She took a deep breath and said, “Let’s go have a look.”

Then, she headed in the direction of Mount Bane with her entourage.

Thea looked at James and asked, “Are we going as well, Darling?”

‘There’s no need to rush things.”

James waved his hand slightly.He was still far too weak at the moment. Showing up prematurely would only get him killed.

“We’ll have to wait for Grandfather or the Omniscient Deity to appear.

Before that, none of us can ascend Mount Bane.”

Upon hearing this, Thea fell silent.

The two waited patiently.

At the same time, Juniper had already ascended Mount Bane with her entourage. However, before she could continue further, her path was blocked.

“Hold it right there! Who’s there?”

Aman in a black robe roared.


Juniper grunted coldly and waved her arm. Powerful energy gathered in her palms, and she sent the man flying.

The man collapsed heavily to the ground and let loose an agonizing scream.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

A voice boomed.

Then, Conrad appeared.

Looking at Juniper, he said coldly, “Juniper, Mount Bane no longer belongs to you. What are you doing up here? Have you forgotten what I told you?”

Juniper’s expression darkened as she looked at him, saying, “A treasure has appeared on Mount Bane. Don’t tell me that you wish to have it all for yourself.”

“But of course!” Conrad spoke arrogantly.

“I will never let you have your way no matter what!”

Juniper brandished her sword and pointed it and him, saying, “I know you’re powerful. But, you’ll still be gravely injured if I go all out.”


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