The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1906

Chapter 1906

Just as she was confounded, Thea charged toward her. She collected herself and met her attack.


The two clashed. Powerful True Energies collided and distorted even space.

Thea was immediately sent flying. Even Juniper staggered backward, muttering silently under her breath, “What terrifying power…”

Then, Thea’s blood churned, and powerful energy erupted from within her blood. Even though she only managed to cross into the ninth rank recently, she managed to make Juniper stagger backward through brute force alone.

“Die.” Thea glared at Juniper with her bloodshot eyes. She summoned True Demonic Energy, imbued it with the Malevolent

Sword, and performed the Demonic Sword Art. The strength of the Demonic Sword Art was greatly augmented by her True Demonic Energy.

The demonized Thea was too strong. Even Juniper, who was a Supernatural, had lost her composure.

In the distance, James sat in a lotus position on the ground and healed his injuries while spectating the battle. He was utterly stunned when he saw Thea’s strength.

‘Thea’s power is unbelievable… Since she did not demonize over the past few years, I thought the problems within her body were resolved. I didn’t expect that she would be demonized after experiencing a shock.”

Thea’s strength shocked James. At the same time, he was concerned about her safety because he did not want her to remain in this state.

Now that Thea had joined the battle, Tyrus could breathe a sigh of relief.

He quickly retreated into the distance, consumed an elixir, and began healing his injuries.

The battle continued in the sky. Swords clashed, and fists collided. As the terrifying True Energy shredded through the air, the surrounding mountains around Mount Bane slowly disintegrated.

However, since Mount Bane was where the seal was located, it possessed certain magical attributes. Even though mountains collapsed into a heap of rubble, they would automatically regenerate back to their original form. It appeared that there was some kind of powerful force safeguarding the region.

While James treated his injuries, he kept watching Thea.

Thea’s Demonic Sword Art was overbearing. When combined with her Murderous Energy, even Juniper who was at the Supernatural level began losing ground.

“Damn you!” she cursed.


At that moment, eighty-one black needles suddenly appeared around Thea.

It was Exalter. The eighteen-one needles shredded through the air and charged at Juniper.

Juniper’s face paled as she hurriedly dodged the needles.

At that instant, Thea appeared above her and slashed with her Malevolent Sword. Seeing this, Juniper hurriedly raised her sword.

Then, a Sword Light a hundred meters in length came crashing down toward Juniper, snapping her sword in half immediately. As she staggered backward, Exalter flew toward her. Suffering severe injuries, she plummeted from the sky and crashed to the ground.

Before she could crawl out of the rubble, Tyrus immediately appeared before her and struck her acupuncture points to seal her cultivation base away. Then, he dragged her out of the rubble and pressed his sword against her neck. He looked at Conrad, who was in the midst of a fierce battle against Langston, and yelled, “Stop right now!”

Conrad was in the midst of a fierce battle against Langston. Although he was the superior one, he could not defeat Langston easily.

Then, a voice came from below.

He glanced down and realized that Juniper had been defeated, and a sword was pressed against her neck.

Tyrus yelled, “Make another move and she’s dead!”


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