The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1907

Chapter 1907

Tyrus threatened Conrad with Juniper’s life.

Conrad clenched his sword tightly as his face darkened. He had been fighting against Langston, but he had been paying close attention to Juniper’s battle. Since he knew that Juniper was defeated by a woman, he could not help but glance at Thea.

By then, Thea was returning to normal, and the blood inside her body was pacified. Gradually, the powerful aura she exuded dissipated.

“Beast Blood, huh?” he murmured.

Conrad made the decision to end the fighting. The earthling’s strength far surpassed his expectation.

As Conrad sheathed his sword, Langston breathed a sigh of relief. Then, Langston descended from the sky and appeared before Tyrus.

Thea had left her demonized state. Her face was pale, and she could not exert even a single ounce of strength. It appeared that the battle earlier had completely drained her energy.

She dragged her feeble body toward James.

James looked at her and asked in concern, “Are you alright?”

“I-I’m fine… I just feel a little dizzy,” Thea spoke weakly.

Her memories of the previous battle were vague. She only knew that she engaged in a fierce battle with Conrad after being demonized. As for the specifics, she could not remember anything.

James’ condition had ameliorated after he treated his injuries. Although he had yet to fully recover, he was not in mortal danger anymore.

Following the cessation of hostilities, a tense calm descended upon the area. Many disciples of Conrad and the Void Sect perished in the battle.

Acrowd gathered.

Conrad descended from the sky and stood before Tyrus, looking at the earthlings.

Langston glanced at the defeated and severely injured Juniper and furrowed his eyebrows. He never expected Thea to be the one to defeat her.

Then, Thea and James walked over to him.

“What do you plan to do?” Conrad asked.

He did not choose to cease hostilities because of Juniper. After all, he could not care less about her safety. Rather, he believed that he would be besieged on all sides by the earthlings after her defeat. As he might not stand against their combined strength, he chose to make a compromise.

Langston said, “Our terms are simple. Leave Mount Bane immediately.”

“No way.” Conrad’s face darkened, and he said, “Over my dead body. I chose to put an end to the battle not because I was afraid of you.”

Langston thought about it and replied, “In that case, let’s find a way to coexist.

“You may remain on Mount Bane on the condition that we are allowed to stay as well. From today onward, you’re forbidden from harming the earthlings in the vicinity of Mount Bane, and we promise not to make a move against you unprovoked. Also, we will share the treasures that appear on Mount Bane amongst ourselves in a fair manner.”

He looked at Conrad and asked, “How does that sound?”

Conrad was lost in thought.

Since he was all alone on Earth, there was no way he could annihilate all earthlings by himself. If he antagonized them needlessly, he might not survive for long.

After thinking for a brief moment, he compromised.

“Alright, then.”

Hearing this, the earthlings all breathed a sigh of relief.

Tyrus released his grip on Juniper, and Conrad walked over to her and unsealed her acupuncture points.

Juniper immediately catalyzed True Energy to heal her injuries.

The battle on Mount Bane resulted in an outcome that was beneficial to everyone.

After they chose to cease hostilities, they all headed to the tree. Upon seeing the purple flowers and the glimmering purple light the tree radiated, the earthlings were shocked.

‘What a nice scent…


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