The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1908

Chapter 1908

“It smells so alluring… This is going to be a priceless treasure once the berry ripens.”

‘This must be a magical fruit!”

Many conversed.

James stared at the tree too. He was stunned by the fragrance and the majestic Empyrean Spiritual Energy here. Cultivating at such a place would greatly accelerate one’s progress.

He remained silent and sat in a lotus position on the ground while healing his injuries.

Everyone waited patiently.

In the meantime, Conrad kept glancing over at Thea. Pensive, he furrowed his eyebrows as if he was deep in thought.

It made Thea extremely uncomfortable. Sitting beside James, she whispered, “Darling, that Conrad guy keeps glancing at me.”

James waved slightly and said, “Pay no heed to him.”

“Darling, what exactly is this tree?”

James shook his head and said, “How would I know?”

However, Thea was one of many who were intrigued.

Langston approached Conrad. Since they chose peace over war, Conrad had no right to monopolize the tree.

So, Conrad chose to answer honestly, ‘This tree used to be an ordinary tree. One night a few days ago, a lightning bolt struck this tree. Then, a seed germinated and bloomed on that same night. It has already blossomed for a couple of days.”

Upon hearing this, everyone was stunned. This was simply magical.

After providing the crowd with an explanation, he approached Thea and smiled faintly at her, asking, “So, you must be Thea Callahan.”

Thea grunted and paid no attention to him.

Conrad smiled and said, “You truly are impressive. Though you’ve only crossed into the ninth rank recently, you managed to defeat a Supernatural with just the Beast Blood inside your body.”

Thea remained silent.

James furrowed his eyebrows and said, “What Beast Blood? That’s the blood of the Four Holy Beasts.”

Upon hearing this, Conrad explained, “Did she really consume the blood of the Four Demons?!”

Conrad could not believe his ears. He thought Thea was only demonized because she consumed Beast Blood. He did not expect her to have consumed the blood of the Four Demons.

He took a deep breath.

James was deeply intrigued by the Sealed Realms. Since Conrad approached them, he chose to pose him a question, “What are the Four Demons?”

After collecting himself, Conrad smiled and said, ‘There’s no point in hiding this from you, I guess. The Four Holy Beasts you people refer to are actually called the Four Demons. Imbued with Demonic Energy, anyone who consumes their blood will experience Energy Deviation and eventually become a demon. This should be a catastrophe for mankind. However…”

As he spoke, he glanced at Thea.

“Demonic Blood has little to no effect on ordinary people. However, the opposite is true for those who possess the Supreme Spiritual Root. The higher one’s cultivation base, the stronger one would be after being demonized. One day, he or she will become the envoy of the one who will destroy the earthlings,” Conrad said.

Hearing this, James furrowed his eyebrows.

Conrad’s speculation matched Langston’s words.

James looked at Conrad and asked, “What exactly is a Sealed Realm?”

Conrad returned his gaze. He did not expect James to ask him such a question. However, this was to be expected. Earth was once sealed away. As such, some history was forever lost to time.

‘This is a long story, and there’s no need for you to know about this. You only need to know one thing: Once the seal is broken, the Ultranaturals will descend on Earth and annihilate all of humanity once and for all.”

Hearing this, the humans’ hearts sank.

The Ultranaturals? How powerful would they be?


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