The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1909

Chapter 1909

‘The Ultranaturals? How powerful could they be to be called that?

The Earthlings found it hard to imagine. They only knew that a grim future awaited them.

Conrad fell silent.

James, on the other hand, did not ask further questions. He simply sat in a lotus position on the ground and healed his injuries.

Everyone else followed suit as a tense silence descended upon the area.

As they treated their injuries, their gazes were fixed on the tree before them, anticipating the berry to ripen.

The berry was magical, so its growth speed was unparalleled. After a day passed, the flower withered, and a bud appeared.

Everyone was stunned. Under normal circumstances, a bud would only appear after its flowers had bloomed for over a month.

Now, only a day had passed. This was simply unbelievable.

They waited patiently for a week.

A week later, purple berries gradually appeared on the tree. They were the size of a fist, and their appearances were not that much different from apples. Not only that, but they also glimmered a dull purple light and exuded an alluring fragrance.

After healing his injuries for a week, James had almost completely recovered. Although his injuries had yet to fully rejuvenate, they no longer adversely affected him.

“At long last…” James said. Looking at the purple berries on the tree, he stepped forward and said, ‘The time has come.”

Conrad too stepped forward and looked at the earthlings, saying, “There should be around thirty berries on this tree. Although we decided not to resort to violence, I was the one who discovered the tree. Naturally, we should be the ones who pluck the berries first. I’ll leave the remaining ones to you.”

He only had about a few dozen disciples on Earth. After a few perished on the battlefield, only about twenty remained. If each of them obtained one, there would not be any left.

Juniper also stepped forward and said, ‘The Void Sect will be the first to pluck the berries.”

The Void Sect was almost completely eradicated. Only three remained- her, Kaj Waseem, and another disciple.

“No way!”

James was displeased. If he allowed them to pluck the berries first, there would not be any of them left.


Conrad looked at James and clenched his sword, saying coldly, “Are you questioning my decision?”

“Yes.” Undaunted, James said, “I object to your decision. Here’s what I think. The Void Sect and you will be grouped as one team, while we earthlings will be grouped together. Then, each team will take turns plucking the berries. I believe this is fair to everyone.”

“No!” Conrad yelled in defiance, “I’ll have twenty of them!”

He was uncompromising and could not care less about the earthlings.

“l only need six,” Juniper said. Although only three remained of the Void Sect, she demanded six berries.

“Let’s duke it out, then.” Langston looked at them and said coldly,” Whoever emerges victorious will have the berries.”

“Do you think I’m afraid of you?” Conrad looked at him and exuded a powerful aura.

Juniper, on the other hand, was intimidated. She had only just lost to Thea a week ago. She needed time for her injuries to completely heal, so she wanted to avoid battle as much as possible for now.

Conrad said coldly, ‘The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must. The victor shall have everything! Let me say this now. I only ask for twenty berries. Is this too much to ask for? But don’t worry, I’ll leave a few.”

James looked at the tree.


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