The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1910

Chapter 1910

He counted the number of berries silently. There were thirty in total. If Conrad took twenty and Juniper six, only seven would remain for the Earthlings. How would that be sufficient?

James thought about it and said, “Let’s fight, then.”

Upon hearing this, everyone turned to look at him.

James continued, “Let’s hold a martial arts tournament. If you win the crowd’s respect and no one wishes to challenge you, you will receive one berry. Each participant is only entitled to a single berry. How does that sound?”

James knew that some of Conrad’s subordinates were comparatively weaker. If they agreed to his terms, they would only receive a few berries. Meanwhile, only Juniper and Kay among the Void Sect would obtain the berries.

“I agree,” Thomas said.

“Me too.”

“No problem at all.”

The earthlings nodded in agreement.

“I don’t!” Conrad yelled, “Why do I have to enter a martial arts tournament? As one of the strong, I should gain more benefits. I won’t stand in your way if you wish to proceed with your plan. However, I’ll have five berries for myself.”

“Does that mean I’ll have five as well?” Langston glanced at him.

“Since each of you is entitled to five berries, doesn’t that mean I get to have five as well?” Juniper asked.

James snickered, “Since you were defeated by my wife, does that mean that she gets to have five too?”

Kaiden stepped forward and said, “Since we’re basing this off strength, do I get to obtain two berries considering that I’ve broken free of two shackles?”

Tyrus smiled and said, “Does that mean I get to have four?”

James said smilingly, “In that case, I get to have four too. But won’t we deprive the rest of the berries?”

Conrad scanned the earthlings and said coldly, “This is none of my concern. However, I’ll say this now. Not only will I be having five berries for myself, but I’ll also be taking five for my subordinates. If you disagree, well simply fight to the death. After I kill all of you, I’ll have all the berries for myself.”

Although Conrad made a compromise, he insisted on having ten for himself. He believed himself to be the strongest.

The weaker martial artists remained silent as they knew their words held no weight.

Even Thomas was wearing a grim expression. Even though he had crossed into the ninth rank, he could not stand a chance against Conrad and Juniper who had reached the Supernatural level.

Langston protested, but Conrad refused to compromise further. The atmosphere became tense, and the situation was on the verge of escalating.

Langston was lost in thought. Conrad was indeed powerful. He knew that he would not stand a chance against him. In all regards, whether it be speed and power, he was no match for him.

“Why don’t we let him have ten?”

Langston chose to compromise, looking at James to ask for his opinion.

Faced with no other option, James reluctantly agreed.

“You aren’t stupid, after all…” Conrad smirked. Then, in the blink of an eye, he appeared on the tree and began plucking the berries.

After collecting ten, Juniper stepped forward and said, “I’ll have five, then.”

Just as she was about to collect the berries, Langston appeared before her and blocked her path, saying coldly, “I’m afraid you’re biting off more than you can chew.”

Hearing this, Juniper’s face darkened, “What is the meaning of this? Conrad has ten berries. Is five too much to ask for?”

“Yes.” Langston wagged his finger and said, “You’re only allowed to have two.”

“You…” Trembling in anger, she looked at Conrad pleadingly.

However, since Conrad only obtained ten berries, which was almost a third of the total amount, he could not care less about her.

He merely smiled faintly and said, “I’ll leave the rest to you. I’ll be taking my leave for now.”

Then, he turned to leave alongside his entourage.

Furious, Juniper wanted to brandish her sword. However, she managed to suppress the urge to do so. He glared at Langston and said coldly, “Mark my words, I’ll have my revenge. Two berries, was it? I’ll gladly have them.”

After she spoke, she flew toward the tree and collected two berries.


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