The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1911

Chapter 1911

Juniper only collected two berries. After all, everyone’s gaze was fixed on her. Holding two berries in her hand, she turned to leave reluctantly.

Now, only twenty-one berries remained.

“l only need ten,”

Langston looked at the crowd and said.

‘This is inappropriate, I’m afraid.” Sky stepped forward and said.

He remained silent earlier because he believed himself to be unworthy to speak before Conrad. Now, Langston intended to have ten berries for himself. Considering that the members of the Blood Race, James, Thomas, and a few others had yet to obtain one, he would not be able to obtain even a single berry if he continued to remain silent.

Thomas chimed in, “Indeed, this is inappropriate. Every ninth rank here must obtain at least one berry.”

Thomas was standing up for himself. If he allowed Langston to pluck ten berries, there might not be any left for him.

The other Earthlings voiced their thoughts as well. Even the Blood Race and the Polaris Sect accused Langston of biting more than he can chew.

Langston, on the other hand, said coldly, ‘There won’t be enough to go around regardless. In any case, I’ll have ten berries. I’ll leave the rest to you.”

Then, he appeared on the mysterious tree and collected ten berries.

The other martial artists could do nothing but watch.

“I only need one.”

After speaking, Tyrus went ahead and plucked a berry for himself.

Now, only ten berries remained.

“We only need five,” Kaiden, the Grand Patriarch of the Blood Race, said.

Though the Blood Race had many ninth-rank martial artists, he demanded only five for fear of provoking the Solean martial artists. If they ganged up on him, he would not last long.

“No way.” James was the first to step forward, “There won’t be any left if the Blood Race takes five. Though you’re strong, you aren’t qualified to have five. Two berries are the most you can get.”

“James, you…” Kaiden’s expression darkened.

Thea immediately walked toward him and glared at him, saying coldly,” You should consider yourself fortunate to have two.”

Upon seeing her, a chill ran down Kaiden’s spine. Not even Juniper stood a chance against her. If he pushed too far, they might not even receive a single berry.

“Fine!” Kaiden gritted his teeth. Then, he collected two berries.

Now, only eight remained.

James and Thea each plucked one.

Now, only six remained.

However, there were still many powerful martial artists there. Putting the Half-Saints aside, there were many ninth-rank martial artists—Sky, Thomas, Tobias, Lucjan, and the three Grand Patriarchs of the Polaris Sect.

The remaining ones had only crossed into the peak of the eighth rank.

They could not help but drool upon smelling the sweet fragrance of the berries. If they could just get their hands on them, they would definitely cross into the ninth rank. However, it seemed that there would not be any left for them.

Currently, there were still seven ninth-ranks left and six berries remaining.

Thomas glanced at the three Grand Patriarchs of the Polaris Sect and said coldly, “You three can only have two.”


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