The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2789

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2789-James touched his chin and murmured, “The War God Palace? Is this the palace of the War God of the Ancient Heavenly Court Age?

Isn’t that Sophie’s father? So, is this where Sophie lived when she was a child?” Qusai said, “Let’s go and take a look.” The group approached, and James tried to push the gate open.

However, the gate did not budge.

No matter how much force James used, he could not push it open.

“Let me try.” Qusai walked over and tried pushing the gate with all his strength but was to no avail.

He said helplessly, “I can’t open it either.

There seems to bea formation preventing us from opening the gate and entering.” James asked, “Then, what should we do?” Qusai shrugged and said, “How would I know?” At that moment, Maxine pointed to the statue on the gate and said, “Could this statue be the key to opening the gate? I once heard my teacher say that powerhouses of the Ancient Heavenly Court Age would place statues on their gates.

These statues had their own consciousness and would guard the property.

“ James looked around and saw the statue on the gate.

The statue looked slightly worn out, and it was hard to identify its appearance.

James asked, “Did your teacher tell you how to activate the statues?” Maxine thought awhile and said, “He did say the guardian will appear if an external force strikes the entrance.” “Let me try.” James raised his palm and thrust it at the gate.

Boom! A potent palm attack struck the gate, resulting in a loud sound.

However, the gate remained shut.

Suddenly, the statue at the gate suddenly emitted a soft white light.

Seeing the light, everyone quickly retreated to a safe distance.

Soon, an armed man holding a sword formed from the white light.

The man appeared in front of the gate and scanned his surroundings in confusion.

He turned to the dilapidated palace and murmured, “It’s over.

The Heavenly Court has fallen, and our reign has ended..” At that moment, he noticed some strangers nearby.

James’ party approached him.

James cupped his hands and said, “We came here through the South Heaven Door.” The man in armor looked at James’ party.

He nodded gently and said, “I know.” “you do?” James was taken aback.

The armed man nodded and replied, “After I was awakened, a lot of information appeared in my mind.

I learned about everything about the events after the fall of the Heavenly Court and the purpose of your visit.

“There is a War Order within the War God Palace.

After you acquire it, you’ll be eligible to challenge the Thirty-three Stages Celestial Palace.

You’ll obtain a great treasure if you ascend to the last heaven.

It will allow you to leap out of the Three Dimensions, relinquish the Five Elements, and attain an Emperor’s Body.” The armed man looked at James.

After a while, he said, “I sense my Young Lady’s aura from you.

Have you met her before?” James was taken aback.

‘Young Lady? Is he talking about Sophie?’ After a brief surprise, James nodded and replied, “Yeah.

I heard from Sophie that her father was the Ancient Heavenly Court’s War God.” “That’s good.” The man nodded in relief.

Immediately afterward, his body started to fade and completely disappeared.

After he vanished, the statue on the gate cracked, and the gate opened.

Although the armed man had disappeared, his voice still resounded in their ears.

“Not only can you find the War Order, which will allow you to challenge the Thirty-three Stages Celestial Palace, but there are numerous other boons within the War God Palace.

Whether you can obtain them will depend on your own luck.” The voice gradually became weaker and dissipated.


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