The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2790

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2790-Door Gods were special existences created by the property’s owner.

Just like Nova, they were not real living beings but had their own consciousness.

“What’s a War Order?” After the Door God disappeared, James was puzzled.

Qusai said, “If I’m not mistaken, the Heavenly Path passed on information to the Door God when he was awakened to pass on to us.”

Maxine expressed her opinion, “If that’s the case, the War Order in the War God Palace is the key to ascending up the Thirty-Three Celestial Palace, where the third providence is probably hidden.” James asked, “Then, what’s the Thirty-Three Celestial Palace mentioned?”

Qusai explained, “During the Ancient Heavenly Court Age, the Thirty-Three Celestial Palace was a representation of power.

It was the accommodation of powerhouses in that age.

The stronger one was, the higher one could stay.

It was speculated the Jade Emperor lived in the highest level of the Thirty-Three Celestial Palace.” James said, “Then, isn’t that strange? The War God was most definitely a terrifying existence in the Ancient Heavenly Court Age, so why is his residence here instead?” Everyone shook their heads, unable to answer his question.

Brielle said, “We shouldn’t worry about this now.

Our priority now is to find the War Order.

If I’m not mistaken, War Orders must be scattered throughout the Heavenly Court’s ruins.

It’s probably like a ticket to enter the Thirty-Three Celestial Palace.

It gives us the chance to obtain the third providence.” Maxine nodded and said, ““Mhm.

I agree.

Apart from the third providence, there must be many other treasures hidden within the ruins.

Didn’t the Door God also mention other treasures could be found inside the War God Palace?” James put the questions behind him for now and said, “Let’s check out the inside.” The group entered the War God Palace.

After walking through the gate, there was an open field.

The area was the size of a football field.

After passing through the field, they saw some collapsed buildings.

James took the lead, while Qusai, Maxine, and Brielle followed behind him.

The group proceeded cautiously through the War God Palace.

Swoosh! Shortly after they entered the palace, they heard an object piercing through the air.

James quickly dodged.

A stone blade had struck the area where he was previously standing, shattering the ground.

“what?” The group exchanged confused looks.

Qusai reminded, “This is the War God Palace from the Ancient Heavenly Court Age.

It won’t be easy for us to advance, so be on the lookout.” James sighed.

“It would be great if Sophie was here.

This was her residence when she was a child, and she must be incredibly familiar with this place.

It’s a pity she left while I was still in Galileo.” James missed Sophie.

When she was around, nothing could pose a problem.

No one present knew Sophie, but they did not ask any questions.

Qusai looked at the stone blade on the ground and carefully scanned the surroundings.

Then, he said puzzledly, “Where did this stone blade come from?” Qusai tried to advance.

He walked to where the sword blade had landed and tried to take another step forward.

Suddenly, several golems appeared.

These golems had consciousness and held stone blades in their hands.

James scanned the area and saw a total of 18 golems.

He questioned, “Do we have to get through this golem formation to advance further?” Qusai nodded and said, “That’s most likely the case.

Since there’s a War Order and other good fortunes here, it’s definitely going to be challenging for us to proceed.

The War God Palace must be full of traps, so be careful.” Brielle stepped forward and said, “I’ll test the golem formation’s power.” After speaking, she jumped toward the golem formation.

The golems launched fierce attacks at her as soon as she got close.


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