The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2796

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2796-The man was covered in hair, his build was sturdy and huge, and he was laughing haughtily.

James could sense an immense power emanating from within the man.

It was pure physical power.

At that moment, Maxine, Brielle, and Qusai had caught up as well and surrounded the ape-like man.

Scanning his surroundings, the man said smilingly, “Ganging up on me?” James ordered, “Back off.” The others obeyed.

“you have balls, I have to say.” The man laughed and said, “I’ll return the token if you can defeat me.” Saying that, his body flashed, and he charged toward James at extraordinary speed.

Seeing that the man was unarmed, James stored the Divine Sword away and raised his hand to block his attack.

Their fists collided.

James could sense an immense power spreading through his arm and to his entire body.

He staggered backward, and the Blood Energy in his body churned at the same time.

Just as he was about to spurt out a mouthful of blood, he forcibly swallowed it back.

The ape-like man also stumbled backward.

“Huh…” Looking at James who staggered backward, he asked in shock, “ Not bad.

Your power is much greater than before.” James’ arm was numb.

Looking at the ape-like man, he uttered word by word, “Who are you? Why did you snatch away the token that I so painstakingly sought?” “Listen well, kiddo.” The man looked at James, his tone full of scorn.

“My name is Milo Laszlo.

My original form is a Demonic Ape.” “A Demonic Ape?” James froze.

“That’s right.” Milo said, “I’m a member of the well-renowned Primordial Ape Race.

By the way, the Sacrilegious Ascension that you cultivate is a secret art of our race.

Seeing that you’ve cultivated the signature cultivation method of our race, I decided to let you go.

Otherwise, I would’ve done more than just snatch the War Order from you.” Hearing this, James was lost in contemplation.

Milo was strong, especially his physical prowess, which was at least at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage.

Such physical strength was terrifying.

Not only that, but he must have been well-versed in Sacrilegious Ascension as well.

James knew that he might not emerge victorious in a fight.

Besides, Sacrilegious Ascension had deep connections with the Primordial Ape Race.

“] don’t wanna take your life.

Leave now.” Saying that, Milo disappeared without a trace.

James did not give chase.

Qusai walked toward him and asked, “Are we letting him go just like that?” “Let him take the token.

There must be many other War Orders in the ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

Let’s just search elsewhere.” James dispersed Elemental Inversion, Sacrilegious Ascension, and the power of the dragon bones.

Then, he lay on the ground to rejuvenate his shattered spine.

There were a few reasons why he did not give chase.

One, Sacrilegious Ascension, the signature cultivation method of the Primordial Ape Race, had resolved many crises for him.

James treated letting him go as giving back to the Demonic Ape Race.

Two, even if he fought, he might not stand a chance.

That was why he chose to give up the token.

Since James did not make a move, Brielle and Qusai did not act impulsively.

They knew just how terrifying Milo was.

Even if they combined forces, they might not stand a chance.

Soon, the injuries on James’ body had rejuvenated.

He stood up and said, “Let’s return to the palace and search again.” They returned to the palace.

As they had broken the golem formation inside the palace, the golems no longer attacked them when they entered once more.

They opted not to search the main hall but to search the other palaces instead.

“The Alchemy Chamber.”


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