The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2797

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2797-They arrived at the gates of a palace, on which some ancient characters were inscribed.

Maxine looked at the gates and said, “ James, this should be where the war god of the Ancient Heavenly Court keeps his elixir.” “Mhm.” Qusai nodded and said, “Elixirs are useful for all cultivators.

I hope there’ll be some remaining elixirs in this palace.

If I can obtain even a few of them, it would be a great providence.” “Let’s have a look around.” James walked toward the door and pushed it open.

Creak… The door opened.

At that moment, an alluring fragrance came from inside.

The fragrance was so concentrated that it stimulated James’ body.

His pores relaxed and opened up, frantically absorbing the power contained inside the fragrance.

“This smells so good…” “What concentrated power…” The others were shocked.

James looked at the Alchemy Chamber.

The chamber was only a few hundred square meters big, and there were many cupboards inside.

On the cupboards were a few tiny drawers, on which characters were inscribed.

However, James could not understand the meaning of those words.

He walked in and casually opened one of the drawers.

There was nothing inside.

The others did the same but found nothing.

Residues of herb powder could be found inside some of the drawers.

Perhaps the elixir had dissolved after a long time had passed.

“Huh?” Someone exclaimed.

Hearing this, everyone turned to look at Brielle.

She had opened a drawer, taken out a shining bottle, and poured out a golden elixir from within.

The elixir was the size of a thumb.

It radiated a dazzling golden light and exuded an alluring fragrance.

“James, there’s an intact elixir!” She shouted.

James walked toward her, and so did Maxine and Qusai.

The two glanced at the drawer.

“The Elixir of Nine Deaths?!” Maxine said, “This is the Elixir of Nine Deaths.” James asked, “What’s that?” Maxine said, “How would I know? I’m merely translating the words on it.” James looked at Qusai and asked, “Have you heard of this before?” Qusai shook his head and said, “I’ve never heard of this.

This is an object from the Ancient Heavenly Court Age after all.” Maxine said, “Most of the elixir here has already been corroded and dissolved.

Only this elixir remained intact.

This must be a divine object.” James thought about it and said, “Hold on.

Let me ask the Spirit Tool inside the Celestial Abode.” “Spirit Tool, have you ever heard of the Elixir of Nine Deaths?” James asked the Spirit Tool in the Celestial Abode.

Soon, the Spirit Tool responded, “Yes, I have.” Delighted, James hurriedly asked, “What are its origins?” The Spirit Tool said, “Back when I was traveling with Emperor Jabari, we once went to a ruin and unearthed an ancient text, in which there were records of the Elixir of Nine Deaths.

“The Elixir of Nine Deaths is insanely powerful.

Legend has it that you will obtain nine lives upon consuming it.

Besides that, each time you die, your strength will increase by leaps and bounds.

Only a cultivator at the Grand Emperor Rank and above is capable of refining this elixir.

However, the formula of the Elixir of Nine Deaths is long lost.

This is something from the Ancient Heavenly Court Age which never once showed itself in the Primordial Age.” Hearing this, James breathed a sigh of relief.

Upon consumption of the elixir, he would obtain nine lives.

It was terrifying.

No wonder the elixir was still intact.

It turned out that only acultivator at the Grand Emperor Rank or above was capable of cultivating it.


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