The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2799

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2799-“Thank you, Spirit Tool.”

James was full of gratitude.

Then, without any hesitation, he swallowed the Elixir of Nine Deaths whole.

As the elixir went down his throat, a warm current circulated throughout his body.

This warm current that possessed immense and concentrated power circulated throughout his limbs and body.

James’ pores opened, and golden light poured out.His body gradually floated into the air as if he was ascending to heaven.

“What immense power…As expected of an elixir refined by a cultivator at the Grand Emperor Rank and above.”

James took a deep breath.

Without any hesitation, he catalyzed a cultivation method and frantically absorbed the energy inside his body, transforming them into Sage Energy.

The Elemental Inversion Formation was inscribed in his body.

Therefore, even if he did not cultivate, Elemental Sage Energy would still increase steadily.

However, after crossing into the Sage Rank, it would be very difficult to achieve a breakthrough without obtaining a providence.

The power buried deep beneath James began to surface.

Soon, he reached the pinnacle of the Sage Rank’s First Stage.

He could sense grey clouds appearing in the sky, blocking the surrounding Empyrean Spiritual Energy.

As such, he could no longer continue absorbing the energy.

He knew that a Realm Barrier had appeared.

To continue absorbing Empyrean Spiritual Energy to increase his strength, he would first have to break through the Realm Barrier.

After breaking through the barrier, he would achieve a breakthrough.


James raised his fists furiously, and immense power materialized as he struck with his fists.

The Realm Barrier of the First Stage was immediately shattered.

At that precise moment, a colorful light descended from the sky and enveloped him.

Then, the seal inside his body appeared.

Without the seal, this should be when his Sage Energy would soar.

However, there was now a seal inside his body, which had placed a curse on the increment and circulation of Sage Energy inside his body.

James composed himself and focused wholeheartedly on breaking the seal.

However, at that moment, the power of the curse materialized.

This time, the curse’s power was terrifying.

The scenery before James vanished, and he could feel that he had been transported to an unknown place.

A deadly silence filled the air, and his surroundings were enveloped in a black mist.

The black mist kept taking the forms of unknown beasts, which attacked him ferociously.

Soon, he began to suffer injuries.


James cursed.

“Now of all times?!”

He took a deep breath to forcibly calm himself down.

The illusory images before him vanished, and so did the unknown beasts formed from the black mist.

However, the curse’s power continued to attack him repeatedly.

At that moment, the seal inside his body had only just been activated.

As such, he could not use Demonic Energy to heal his injuries.

The only way out now was to break through the seal as soon as possible.

Otherwise, he would perish at the hands of the curse.

James did not dare let his guard down and concentrated wholeheartedly on breaking the seal.


As his injuries were too grave, he spurted out a mouthful of blood and collapsed to the ground.

At that moment, cracks began to appear on the surface of his skin, caused by the curse’s power that was frantically damaging his body.

‘What should I do? Am I going to be killed by the curse?’ James panicked.


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