The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2800

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2800-James absorbed the power of the Elixir of Nine Deaths to break the Realm Barrier.

However, at that moment, the seal appeared.

As the seal appeared, so did the curse’s power.

Under normal circumstances, he would surely be able to resist the curse.

However, now that the seal had appeared, what little strength he could summon was insufficient to activate Demonic Energy, which prevented him from healing his injuries.

His internal injuries were getting increasingly grave.

In mere seconds, cracks appeared on his body and kept increasing in size.

Based on the current speed, his physical body would soon be completely corroded by the curse’s power.

Meanwhile, he needed at least three days to break through the first seal.

Only by breaking through the first seal could he activate Demonic Energy to heal his injuries.

James was filled with consternation as his vision grew increasingly blurry.

Even so, he never forgot to strike the seal repeatedly with every ounce of strength he could muster.He wanted to break the seal and unlock more power.He collapsed to the ground and slowly closed his eyes.His pulse grew weaker as his condition worsened.

Upon collapsing to the ground, his body exuded a black aura.

“Am I going to die?”

James was frustrated.

He did not wish to die just like that.

There were many things he had yet to do.

However, he was powerless to do anything.

In the end, he lost consciousness.

A day after he lost consciousness, immense power suddenly materialized from within his body.

This power immediately shattered the seal inside his body, and Demonic Energy automatically seeped out to rejuvenate his grave injuries.

Meanwhile, his Sage Energy started increasing rapidly.

His rank surged from the Sage Rank’s Second Stage directly to the Fourth Stage.

James slowly regained consciousness.

Immediately, he sensed an immense power inside him.


He was stunned.

“I-I’m alive! Not only that, but I’ve made multiple breakthroughs in a row.What’s going on?”

James was confused.

Then, realization dawned on his face.

“Oh, right! This must be the power of the Elixir of Nine Deaths.Upon consumption, the elixir would save my life as long as my life was in peril.Not only that, but it also increased my strength drastically.”

James was reminded of the elixir.He exclaimed, “What a magical elixir!”

He never thought that he would experience a near-death scenario and that he would be saved by the Elixir of Nine Deaths.

If not for the elixir, he would have been killed when the curse’s power appeared while he was making a breakthrough.He took a deep breath.

Then, he catalyzed the Sage Energy inside his body, which was much greater than it had been before.

As he was worried that his rank was unstable, he tried to suppress the power inside his body.

However, the power was pure and concentrated, and he was unable to suppress it.

“Looks like my rank isn’t unstable at the moment…”

James murmured to himself, completely relieved.

“I’m already at the Sage Rank’s Fourth Stage.Based on the current speed, I’ll soon reach the Sage Rank’s Thirty-third Stage, achieve Consolidation, and cross into the Divine Rank.”

James now had a better understanding of the cultivation ranks.


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